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Cappelletis' demolition company commenced gutting and prepping the explosives in WTC starting 6 weeks before 911, after Larry Silverstein finally got the seed money and signed the lease for the WTC towers. The money for the down payment came from Rumsfeld's pilfering money from the Pentagon budget--$2.3 trillion was stolen. When the lease was signed, the demolition prep work began. Silverstein was the cover for the buildings, but Frank Lowy, Westfield, Australian mall magnate, had already signed the lease for the WTC concourse, in April 2001. Silverstein couldn't sign the lease for the WTC building until he got the money from Rumsfeld. Silverstein was involved in the demoliton as the front man, but Lowy--an Australian, was involved which makes the planned demolition on 911 an international crime.

I started a thread on Silverstein Lowy Eisenberg and the CABAL: Read what research I have put together at that thread. [You probably won't read it--you never read anything. You are too busy posting comments to meet your quota posting for the perps for a paycheck. I do know that witch Ann was giving the job of running the paid perps. 1/2 are witches/witches-in-training, 1/2 are punks. Those who are not paid are given witchcraft expertise/spells-curses in exchange for posting propaganda for the Bush Cheney/Cappelletti CABAL.]

Barbara Bush and Ann Cappelletti are 1/2 sisters, illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley. Barb was conceived in Paris, Ann conceived at Abbey of Thelema, Cefalu, Sicily. Ann's 20 yr old Sicilian mother was one of many 20 yr old girls lured to Thelema with money to have sex magick (tantra) with Crowley to procreate the antichrist.

After Ann was born, her mother sailed with her to So. Philadelphia to live, where a community of STREGA witches already lived. Knowing that Ann was Crowley's daughter lead other witches to teach her many CRAFT spells when she was a child. Ann found a witch mentor in Brooklyn that taught her all the sorcery she knew before she died.

Ann's mother married a Bianchi, Ann's maiden name before she married John Cappelletti. [Crowley's book, Moon Child, is about his desire to sire the antichrist.] Ann was a powerful witch until 2007, when her witch powers were taken away. Ann was the queen witch of the Bush Cheney et al CABAL.

Pauline Pierce, 6th degree OTO, left her 2 children w nannies while she sailed off to Europe to stay w friend Nellie & Frank Harris in Paris. It was there that Pauline became a sex assistant to Crowley in his Eroto-Comotose Lucidity magick act. Pregnant she returned to the U.S. in Oct. 1924, and gave birth to Barb in June 1925.

Barbara Bush Aleister Crowley

Barbara Bush and Ann Cappelletti got together in early 1970s. After Barb saw John Cappelletti, the image of young Crowley, she knew Ann was her sister. Together they set out to get the GHWB into the WH and the 911 conspiracy into action.

John and Michael obtained the explosives from the Philadelphia Naval Business Center, a short 90 mile drive to NYC. [Cappelletti's home base is in Upper Darby, PA, 56 So. Madison Ave. Ann used her basement as her witch altar to perform rituals-where she conducted witch rituals & kept effigies of football jerseys and life size dolls to control men and women--sticking the effigies with pins, putting the effigies on a car crash track to kill him or her, or break his or her legs, giving her victims ailments, heart attacks, breaking bones. I hear a fire spread through the basement in summer 2007 which destroyed the contents of the basement. At the same time, Ann lost her witch powers.]

Ann runs her witch coven which meets on witch holidays with the members of her coven in the Upper Darby region. The members of the coven gather [each with his/her own wish for power or to harm another person] to perform rituals (as they do at Bohemian Grove) dressed in hooded robes, marching and chanting in circles for demonic power. The robes are cleaned and stored at a dry cleaners establishment in the area of Upper Darby, PA.

Everyone involved in the 911 demolitions was either a relative or business associate of GW Bush/Cheney CABAL, occultist, witch, mason or kabbalist. I said I would tell all how Ann performed a ritual for John to win the Heisman Trophy, I will soon.

The point is that Bushes, Cappellettis and CABAL members are witch families, pagans, satanists, occultists who gather to worship lucifer and try to force the coming of the antichrist. That is whay the destruction of the twin towers represented, the pillars of Solomon, Jachin and Boaz. 911 was a planned demolition for insurance fraud in real estate, death hoaxes and art market fraud and to bring about the arrival of Maitreya and the Antichrist. Pagans and luciferian worshippers make up the secret societies, as the ones who perpetrated the implosions of the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

John Cappelletti, grandson of Aleister Crowley, and Crowley comparison:

Is Satanist Aleister Crowley Barbara Bush's Father? Absolutely, Angela Merkel is artificially inseminated daughter of Hitler and Gretl Braun, Eva Braun's sister.

L. Ron Hubbard speaks about Aleister Crowley
Hubbard (disciple of Aleister Crowley, Ann's father) and Ann (both powerful witches0 had sex magick together to procreate Joey, steal him from the futures, for him to die from leukemia, to sacrifice him for the health and success of her cash cow son, John, on whom she put the hoodoo spell/curse of john the conqueror root in utero. Ann put the hoodoo curse of licorice root on son, Joey, in utero, for him to contract leukemia. Being the sloppy witch that she is, she screwed up the spell, Joey was born normal. Ann put him in a coma with chicken pox when he was 5, to perfect her potion. When Joey came out of the coma, he had full blown leukemia. Joey died at 11. Barbara Bush sacrificed her 1st daughter with leukemia. Look it up. Barb went witch white-haired at 29.

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