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Graveyard Poem

They are terrifying places, full of roaming spirits and hunting ghosts. There are bodies everywhere: fresh bodies, decaying bodies, skeletons and scattered bones. There are rivers of blood, poisonous waterfalls, and dangerous wild beasts. But they are also peaceful places of solitude. There are pleasant groves, wild flowers and fruit, song-birds, tame lions and tigers, and the vast open sky above. There are no conventions to conform to and no distractions to be seduced by. Dakas and dakinis gather there to celebrate ceremonial tsok "feasts" (Skt. ganachakra). The roar of Dharma discourses resound, and the light of the inner joy of bliss radiates.

Tummo is a Tibetan word for inner fire. The terms drod and tummo are synonymous though the former is used in Traditional Tibetan medicine, whilst the latter is employed in tantric spiritual disciplines.

Eyes Wide Shut- The Black & Red Ritual ...
Before me in the centre of red and black fire and wind, On a lotus and sun, trampling demons and obstructors, ...

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