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No offence, but why are women always so unable to believe the obvious massive conspiracy raging all around them, when it's particulary directed AT THEM. You are the object of their brainwashing, they want YOU to mate with negros and produce hybrid slaves for the Jews.

freemasons are useful psychopaths to the Jews, who worship a satanic alien being who gives them power. What the Jews don't know or don't care to know is this God prefer black people to them. Black people are actually more evil, but not quite smart enough.

Freemasons at the higher levels are gang raped in a pitch black room by people wearing masks, they can never identify them, they are then brought into a room where they are treated like Kings, young girls cater to their every whim and fancy, fabulous culinary treats, money is thrown all over the room.

Nowdays, people are so disconnected, they can kidnap their children by the tens of thousands, turn them into sex slaves and nobody is overly concerned because it only happens to 10% of the population, the other 90% of them don't know, don't care, and would gladly watch them die a horrible death in a war over non-existance Weapons of Mass destruction.
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