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Default Aleister Crowley family business: Witchcraft

Witch Ann Cappelletti, illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley [conceived to be the antichrist, as was Pauline Pierce's daughter, Barbara Bush] put the hoodoo spell/curse of john the conqueror root on son, John, in utero, to make him the family cash cow. Ann paid a bundle to her Brooklyn Strega witch in 1951-52 for the hoodoo curse/spell. When John, as a toddler, was so bowlegged he tripped himself--John had to wear leg braces--Witch Ann panicked that all that money she paid for the spell/curse would be lost. Her Brooklyn Strega mentor told her to have another child to sacrifice for John's success. Ann sought and had sex magick (tantra) with her father Crowley's disciple, L Ron Hubbard, to conceive Joey, to steal him from the future, to sacrifice him, to steal his life and success for John.

Being the sloppy witch that Ann is and was, she bungled the curse of licorice root she put on Joey in utero. He was born normal. It took another 5 years for Witch Ann to put Joey in a coma with chicken pox, perfect her leukemia potion for which Joey did eventually die at 11 and complete the sacrifice. The Cappellettis milked the leukemia curse for all it was worth.

Collecting money from her faux yard sales for St. Jude (money she used for more curses and spells), Ann made a killing as a liar and a charlatan. Money Ann collected went toward more curses and spells for cash cow, John's success. Some curses hindered John's competition. Some curses/spells influenced men in positions of power. Ann put the spell/curse of licorice root on Joe Paterno at her witch dining table. Ann fed Joe the hoodoo curse/spell of licorice root to get Joe to do what she wanted, get John into Penn State with 800 on his college boards. [1000 on SATs was needed for entrance into PSU.] Ann even put a spell on John to make him cry at the Heisman trophy banquet. John, who cared nothing about anyone, cared less about Joey. The Cappellettis used the CRAFT to the max and no one was the wiser, especially poor Joey, the sacrificial lamb.

Ann employed witch Joyce, her son, Martin's girlfriend/wife for more demonic power to be a co-conspirator in her CRAFT schemes. Ann passed on her demonic knowledge to John and Michael. I hear Joyce, John and Michael all had sex tantra w Ann for her to pass her demonic power on to him and her.

Crowley's goal was to eradicate Christianity. Now, Crowley's sleaze witch descendants who have pretended to be Christian have infiltrated the Church to ruin it from within. In fact, they are demonic participants in spreading lucifer's work under the guise of being christians. I have more, next, I will tell you how Ann performed a ritual on a picture of Alan Ameche's Heisman trophy with John for John (who didn't even know what the Heisman was) to win the trophy.

Cousin and aunt Bush.
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