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Default Of the numbers eleven and twelve


Originally Posted by alphabet View Post
The twelve tribes of Israel can refer to the 12 astrological signs. The tribe of Dan is said to be Libra. The seventh sign of the zodiac.
The Magus, Book I: The Celestial Intelligencer: Chapter XXVI: Of The Numbers Eleven And Twelve, With The Cabalistical Scale:

THE number Eleven, as it exceeds number ten, which is the number of the commandments, so it falls short of the number Twelve, which is of grace and perfection; therefore it is called the number of sins, and the penitent. Now the number twelve is divine, and that whereby the celestials are measured; it is, also, the number of signs in the Zodiac, over which there are twelve angels as chief, supported by the irrigation of the great name of God. In twelve years, also, Jupiter perfects his course, and the Moon daily runs through twelve degrees. There are, also, twelve chief joints in the body of man, in hands, elbows, shoulders, thighs, knees, and vertebra of the feet. There is, also, a great power of the number twelve in divine mysteries.
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