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Its a fookin fix here.....these latest leaks are to sway public opinion to engage Iran in War.

and Iranian involvement in the Iraq war
On Iran's role in the conflict, the secret US files show Tehran waging a shadow war with US troops in Iraq, with a firefight erupting on the border and Tehran allegedly using militias to kill and kidnap American soldiers.

British newspaper journalists who've seen the documents say they also describe Iran arming and training Iraqi hit squads to carry out attacks on coalition troops and Iraqi government officials.
Iranian influence
Military intelligence reports released by WikiLeaks detail previously well-known US concerns that Iranian agents had trained, armed and directed militants in Iraq.
In one document posted by The New York Times, the US military warned that a militia commander believed to be behind the deaths of US troops and the kidnapping of Iraqi government officials was trained by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
Iran detention of US hikers
Documents in the WikiLeaks file also show that US officials privately believed the three American hikers detained in Iraq last year were on the Iraqi side of the border, not in Iran as Tehran contends.
Iran is still holding two of them and the document says Iranian leadership hoped to benefit from the incident by focusing the nation "on a perceived external threat rather than internal dissension."
Anyone get the feeling that its now pretty certain that Wikileaks is being used as dis-information to cause friction and WW3


Are the press just spinning it in their favour!!

Something smells fishy here!!
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