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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Zodiac of Dendera, from ancient Egypt
Possibly my favourite piece in the Louvre.

I first saw the replica at Dendera twenty or so years ago (when the first gulf war broke out guess where I was) and I felt a bit sad that the original wasnt there, just a good copy.

I then stumbled across the original in the Louvre and it set my heart alight and reinvigourated me (I had sat down for a rest and casually looked up). Moving on I saw it more recently in the Louvre and its location seems to have changed, or perhaps the route through the museum has changed, for it is now tucked away in a corner so to speak, but still as exciting to me as ever.

It is one of those pieces from ancient Egypt that speaks volumes to me, like a signpost through time.

Have you seen it Lightgiver?
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