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I wish to express something about this thread, which is very interesting to me for a variety of reasons.

In my humble opinion, the point of a forum is to share and learn. Expand consciousness.

I may agree or disagree with anyone's views on anything, but I won't challenge them in any way. Why? Because it is pointless.

Arguments and trying to prove something do not lead anywhere. In the vast majority of cases, if not all, someone who is trying to prove something is afraid. Afraid of having their worldview/set of beliefs shaken and brought into question.

What is the point of argumentation? None, because it is not a creative process. If an individual has a certain set of beliefs which she or he isn't willing to let go of for whatever reason, you are just wasting your time.

Until an individual accepts something as true by himself, by arriving at that state of consciousness by himself, there isn't an argument or "proof" in the whole universe that will convince him/her that this or that is true.

I have a choice whether to believe something or someone or not. If I don't believe a single thing someone has said or written, that's fine - but I won't argue with that person or ask him/her to prove me that she or he is right.

I am at peace with myself and have a set of beliefs. Therefore, why should I ask anyone to prove me anything? If something bothers me, I must search within myself to find out the source of this emotion.

If you want proof, you'll find it yourself. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

If you don't believe in something, why do you have the urge to challenge someone's views who differ from yours? Answer: you are trying to reassure yourself that your version of this or that is the "right" one. In other words, you are not sure yourself in your own set of beliefs. Or, you're afraid that your small world will crumble.

Why argue or ask for "proof"? A very powerful force, namely - belief - won't accept any "proof" that is contrary to its idea. Laso, the same belief will accept anything that supports its set of ideas as "proof".

Ask yourself. If you are satisfied with your answer, if you believe in your worldview, why do you feel the need to have your view reinforced by someone else? Why do you feel the need to prove someone "wrong"? Is your belief system so shaky that you don't believe in it yourself? Are you finding comfort in ideas shared by the masses? Are you afraid to be what you are? You are unique, and if you believe that you won't have any need whatsoever to argue. Arguing menas insecurity.

Everyone in this world looks at it in a different and very special, unique way. By asking someone to prove you something, you are telling that person that their worldview is somehow wrong.

By the way - don't ask me to prove you anything because I won't - believe anything you want. If I am interested in your ideas, I will certainly have a lot of questions, because I am curious and I want to learn more. If I don't believe you, I won't ask you anything, but I am at peace because I respect you, and your worldview. I don't have any wish whatsoever to ask you to "prove" me anything, that's beyond pointless. We are just different and that's fine by me! That's the beauty of this experience.

Share information - you will always find someone that will find your story interesting, that's the beauty of it. Someone curious enough will search in many places, on the web, by reading books, speaking with people, meditating and whatnot. But they will eventually find for themselves whether something is acceptable for them or not. They won't argue or try to prove a point.

Share, learn and enjoy.
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