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Default TGs are not born in wrong bodies

Originally Posted by ichabodius View Post
Purplehurl you come off as an uppity selfcentered transgendered gal with some (no)thing to prove.
Hurray for gals that assimilate and are mainstream. God forbid they be linked with cheap hooker halflings selling their nutty cookies for hormones and crack.
Fuck the faggots they hang out with too.
If it wasnt for the weight of the lb the tg wouldnt register on the scale.
Instead of disassociating onesself from their kindred why not lead by example and prove to all that humans born into the wrong body are normal and not undesirables that should be regulated to thier own ghetto underworld and social caste and shouldnt be ridiculed.
The website you link to is a bizarre and extreme example of selfhatred.
1: TGs are not born in "wrong bodies." MtF TGs are a type of men and were correctly born with a penis. They have no birth defect, but choose to live as what they are not. They don't get surgery because their bodies are the healthiest parts of them.

2: True-TSs are liberated by the idea they have a correctable medical condition. They are born with the wrong bodies, but there is not shame to that. You simply go under the knife to repair the damage that errant genes caused.

I see having a birth defect or even cancer as far more noble than a choice like TGism or gayness. Gay men choose sodomy each time they do it. Stuff does not automatically go in and out of their bodies. And they can stop sodomy at any time, drop their gay friends, stop calling themselves gay, stop going to gay events, and stop lusting after members of the same sex. And they would have full rights overnight. But they don't want that, they want to be victims and persecuted to make their empty selves feel like something. No single gay man has died from not practicing sodomy. Likewise, TG men who live wrongly as women by choice can cut their hair, stop wearing dresses, behave like men and decent citizens, stop taking up for sexual perverts, put the porn away, and have full rights overnight, and not once risk death or suicide in doing so. But to the true-TS, there is no such option. They have the worst gender condition at all and must transition or die. They can try to live as men, but everyone knows there is something different about them. Unlike the TG, the true-TS woman is more of a rape target when she attempts to dress as a man than when she lives as a woman.

I see gayness as a character defect just like drunkenness and explosions of anger. I love myself enough to admit I have a birth defect, and unlike the TGs, I don't have to pretend others are "down at my level" to feel equal to others. I will give you a TG type argument. Someone claiming to be a TS once said they didn't measure up as a man so they "traded down" to the "women's team." Talk about sexism and self-hatred. Or take a doctor claiming to be a TS who made a comment that they " have a hole acceptable for sex with men." Talk about sexism and homophobia. They had a hole before that a man could use for sex. Two to be technical.

Here is another link:
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