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Originally Posted by ichabodius View Post
Purplehurl you come off as an uppity selfcentered transgendered gal with some (no)thing to prove.
Hurray for gals that assimilate and are mainstream. God forbid they be linked with cheap hooker halflings selling their nutty cookies for hormones and crack.
Fuck the faggots they hang out with too.
If it wasnt for the weight of the lb the tg wouldnt register on the scale.
Instead of disassociating onesself from their kindred why not lead by example and prove to all that humans born into the wrong body are normal and not undesirables that should be regulated to thier own ghetto underworld and social caste and shouldnt be ridiculed.
The website you link to is a bizarre and extreme example of selfhatred.
I am not transgendered at all, but a mainstream, Conservative woman with mainstream conservative values. It is libel to call me transgendered, and quite ignorant, showing you don't know the difference in the terms. The real self haters are men in dresses who have no desire for surgery. Every true TS who loves themselves opposes transgenderism, homosexuality, and ALL other sexual perversions. Every TS who takes up for TGs or LGBTs does so out of self-hate. TSism is a birth defect, TGism is a sick choice. Unlike TGs, TSs have a birthright in the mainstream community, and every true TS will claim that one instead of the fake TG community that is foisted upon them. Every person who says a TS is part of the TG or LGBT community is disrespecting them and in essence, raping their identity and right to self-determination. Why do you want to rape the female identity of true-TS women and lump them with TG men in dresses and gay men?

A person born with female brain waves and a female soul should not be lumped in with any man at all. An MtF TG is a man inside and always will be, despite the volume of his lies, the thickness of his wig, the thickness of his makeup, or the amount of tantrum he throws when he is confronted with the truth that he is really a man inside, and that his self-hate keeps him from seeing it. But an MtF true-TS is born with female brain parts, a female CT scan, a female EEG, and female amygdala, and that is long before starting hormones. But "MtF" TGs are just men in drag, even if they adopt a female name, cross-dress every day of their lives, and commit oral and anal sodomy. Their mannerisms, values, behaviors, and needs show otherwise.

True-TSs don't want to register on the scale at all. If TSs were not lumped in with TGs, they would have more rights. If true-TSs want rights and to be lumped only with the mainstream people (birth defect or not), they must act mainstream and totally divorce themselves from ALL cross-dressing men, gay men, lesbians, and all other sexual perverts. All a true-TS has to do is cut ALL TG and ALL LGBT ties, live a mainstream life, and convince others that true-TSism (unlike the perverted and chosen lifestyle of transgenderism) is a medical condition. And to earn rights, true-TSs need to stand up publicly against TGs and LGBTs at every chance they get. Make themselves a PR liability that the gays throw them out and wish them well.

Unlike TGs, LGBTs and other perverts, true-TSs don't need or want "out." They want the right to transition young, with NO exposure to TG/LGBT culture, to get their corrective surgeries, and be treated 100% as born female women without that birth defect. MtF TGs are MEN, with MALE brains, male needs, male values, but self-hate that makes them degrade themselves by dressing as mockeries of women.

The LGBT has not gained a single right for TSs, and there is not a true-TS alive who wants them to. The LGBTs have gained rights for TGs, not TSs. The rights LGBTs have earned for TSs are opposite what they need. They stole the de facto "real women's rights" from them and replaced them with watered down queer rights. In the past, an ugly TS was assumed to be an ugly woman. Now she is assumed to be a gay man or transgendered man merely pretending to be a woman.

As far as that goes, LGBTs have not gained too many rights for TGs. Every time any combined gay and TG law (which won't help true-TSs but only stigmatize them), the gays always throw the TGs under the bus, since gays are inherently bigoted against TGs and especially true-TSs. And I am glad such efforts fail, since I want no law around that conspires to lump me in with gay men and self-hating gay men in drag. TGs support gays because they really are gay and hate themselves.

Calling me a self-hater is just your contribution to the gay/TG conspiracy against true-TSs and other mainstream persons. That is part of the script. Why not tell me who your Illuminati handler is? I love myself so much to stand true to my beliefs. I knew instinctively since an early age that homosexuality is wrong, immoral, and a sin against humanity. And I also knew I wasn't gay, and never had any sexual attraction. For me to support LGBTs and TGs at all is to betray everything sacred, special, and dear to me. I secluded myself for a time when I couldn't figure out how to justify my involvement in churches and right-wing causes. Then it dawned on me that I really was a woman, but that MtF TGs are not, and that if you have the birth defect of TSism as opposed to the choice of TGism, then you are really a woman, and deserve the same place in society as any other woman. A true-TS is not a man who becomes a woman, but a woman who corrects a birth defect below. And a TG is just a man who wants to be treated as a woman, with no moral, ethical, or scientific basis at all. There are plenty of documented differences between TGs and TSs, but the TG-loving media blocks such documentation from being spread too widely.

I love myself and my people, and I will support only true-TSs and other mainstream persons for the rest of my life, and nothing will ever change that.
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