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Unhappy Lets not confuse TGs with TSs

Originally Posted by meksar View Post
They want homosexuality to increase in mass, there can be no doubt about that one but. The main reason is to confuse humanity and subject them to a transgender master race. It's another piece of cleverly manipulated dehumanization, if people can get their penis chopped and "remade" as a woman, plus a birth certificate then the implications are terrifying.

Lets not confuse those who get the surgery to correct their sex (transsexuals) with those who live as women while keeping their male parts for live and who support the LGBT community. Those who get the surgery believe in and support the gender binary. Those who don't get the surgery and who want to be seen as LGBT members, those are the ones who are harming society. A true-TS sees their condition as a birth defect, corrects it, and gets on with life. True-TSs are gender conformists, while transgenders are gender variant.

As an insider to the TS community, I have seen how the TGs continue to silence, control, and hijack the TS community. Many TSs are saying that the number of cross-dressing and transgender characters (wrongly called "transsexuals") is done to defame true-TSs. Transsexuals are proof that gender identity is inborn, and that is very threatening to transgenders who choose their gender expression on whim, gay men who divorce romantic love from gender, and feminists who say that gender is completely arbitrary.

In the book, As Nature Made Him, it tells how David Reimer suffered botched surgery as a child, and how Dr. Money Demanded that his parents raise him as a girl. Then when David became a teenager, he told his parents he would commit suicide if he didn't get to live as a boy. Sadly, he committed suicide as an adult. Anyway, Dr. Money called it a success and told the feminists what they wanted to hear, that gender identity is not inherent to a person, but brainwashed into them. But the results showed the exact opposite. Dr. Money operated under the flawed Freudian notion that it was impossible to develop a healthy male psyche without a penis.

When people think of transgenderism, they erroneously think of surgery. Transgender persons don't get surgery. Transsexuals do. Despite the lies of the LGBT, TSs are not a type of TG nor a part of the LGBT. But the LGBTs do their best to silence true-TSs. They hijack TS groups, work to get their surgeries banned, they claim to speak for TSs while saying the exact opposite. Transsexual surgeries affirm 2 genders, while transgenderism believes either that gender is a myth, that there are 3 genders, or that gender is a continuum.

As a supporter of the true-TS movement, I am appalled whenever there are cross-dressing characters on television, and particularly in a comedic context. There is no way people can discover the truth about true TSs while TGs lie and claim to be TSs and take the limelight.

My approach to TS rights is to prove that TSs are born with a correctable medical condition, that they are not members of the LGBT/TG communities, that they have mainstream views, that they don't do the things that TGs/LGBTs do, and that they simply want to correct their body and get on with life and be treated as though they never had that condition. But that concept offends TGs and LGBTs, and every time people like me try to correct this public conception, the LGBTs/TGs do their best to counter it. They are afraid the TSs will be liberated from them, and slave masters do their best to hang onto their slaves.

You may be interested in this blog, run by an apparent right-wing transsexual who opposes TGs and the LGBT movement.

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