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ok. so lets have a re-cap.

Jimmy Savile was seen driving away from "NEAR" the scene of one of the yorkshire rippers murders.
this was documented in the Rippers case notes.
The only photo of the ripper since his imprisonment was with Jimmy Savile.
and they are good friends.
Jimmy does a lot of work for charity. in fact. his whole public life is about working for charity.
He knows a lot of influential people and has access to the Queen, Maggie T, Charles and Di, Andrew and Fergie etc
he also had to stay in a house with his dead mother for days until the ground thawed enough to dig the grave.
This started the necrophilia rumours in the BBC, where he also confessed to hating children.

But Jimmy has never been convicted of anything?
He has even been accused of being a decent yorkshireman.
but no charges were ever brought.

Grand sec.
your first post in this thread where you said it wasn't jimmy with the Ripper.
before you had even looked!?
that gives you away. as you don't usually make it out of the masons section.
Sometimes i like you because you come across as a very honourable man.
you take the time to explain long as people have been curtious to you.
but I don't feel like I can trust you.

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