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Originally Posted by truthseeker512 View Post

Ancient tumuli seem to be cropping up all the time these days.
It is now suspected that the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines which have long believed to be a natural limestone formation are in fact conical shaped artificial mounds - Tumuli.
The small island where the 'hills' are found has 1776 of these mounds. Interesting number!
The number is of course the year of the American Revolution which spawned the USA and its founding pyramid symbol.
Whats more synchronistic for me is that I actually visited these hills when I was 13, a time when hills were just hills and mummies were buried in Pyramids . I had no idea of their true nature, as many still dont.
When you say 'it is now suspected' that implies that there is a consensus that the previous theory may be incorrect. This is not so. A few people might claim they are burial mounds, but it is by no means widely suspected nor is there much evidence (try googling 'chocolate hills burial mounds' and see if you get any relevant results).

There is much more evidence for natural limestone & karst development than there is for burial mounds, eg Chapter 3 of this report. The report cites that 3 of the mounds have been exploited for their mineral resource, which suggests they were not burial mounds.

The actual number of mounds is also debated, and the whole '1776' figure i smore likely from people wanting to find a mystical connection where there isnn't one..

This article, along with many others suggest 1268 hills, but gives an area for the National Park within which they are contained as 1776 hectares.
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