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Dr Semir Osmanagic @ Vratnica Tumulus, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Coming in just smaller in size to the ancient tumulus in Wiltshire, England - Silbury hill, the tumulus in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is as mysterious.
Built from clay and huge megalithic blocks, the material is of similar composition to what is found at the pyramids nearby.
The tumulus itself is molded into a second artificial structure behind it, which is connected to a hillside. A similar building technique is again replicated at the Sun and Moon Pyramids where both structures are formed against natural topography.

The true function of this ancient structure is commonly unknown however there are clues.
An electromagnetic beam of energy can be measured at the top of the tumulus similar to what has been recorded at Bosnian Sun Pyramid.
Geophys results have located a chamber beneath the massive structure and the Pyramid Foundation plans to excavate inside at some point in the future.
Research carried out by physicist Slobodan Mizdrak from Zagreb has indicated that clean limitless electrical energy can be drawn from this resonating EM beam when he visited the sites in June, earlier this year.
Whatever the true purpose of this structure is, its looking increasingly unlikely it was merely a simple burial mound as is what tumuli are classified as by the scientific establishment.

We can see that in Egypt there are at least two tiers of pyramids. The great pyramids were built by those whom knew the correct function of a pyramid.
The later interpretations were of less a quality and did not retain the same functionality. The internal layouts are different because they did not have access to the internal chambers of the Great Pyramids at the time.
We see the same thing with tumuli across the world. The most ancient of tumuli are completely different to those we find in later periods.
It seems to me an advanced culture created the most ancient of tumuli, with subsequent less primitive cultures copying the form but misinterpreting their use. Today we have lost any connection we once had with the importance of these structures, whether it be for spiritual or more practical use.

Here on the tumulus we see sandstone slabs containing preserved ripples. The same slabs cut in a similar fashion can be found on the lower levels of the Moon Pyramid.

There are several different compositions of concrete used for the construction of the tumulus, one of which is created from the same post glacial conglomerate the Sun Pyramids outer layers are constructed with.

Ancient tumuli seem to be cropping up all the time these days.
It is now suspected that the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines which have long believed to be a natural limestone formation are in fact conical shaped artificial mounds - Tumuli.
The small island where the 'hills' are found has 1776 of these mounds. Interesting number!
The number is of course the year of the American Revolution which spawned the USA and its founding pyramid symbol.
Whats more synchronistic for me is that I actually visited these hills when I was 13, a time when hills were just hills and mummies were buried in Pyramids . I had no idea of their true nature, as many still dont.

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