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Originally Posted by ciko View Post
Sond 20, on moon pyramid

Pics @ Sonda 20

Lets for arguments sake suppose the Moon Pyramid is indeed just a plain and simple hill with unusual geology...
Lets have a look at the pic below

What we have here in this photo is two beds of rock with a layer of clay between them.
Unlike the sediment surrounding the clay, the clay was not affected by the heat and pressures of being buried deep within the Earths crust and thus did not lithify into a shale or siltstone, whereas the material either side of the clay did succumb to the massive rock creating pressures and heat.
How was the clay able to remain unaffected?

Maybe we just found the strongest material known to man?
We could build spaceships out of this stuff.

Or..... We can conclude this is not a natural formation.

The rock 'beds' are actually shaped blocks which have been manufactured. On the pic above you can see the top layer of blocks has a thin cover which is a different composition to the main body. Each block has mortar like material added around the sides - maybe a binding agent to help hold the blocks together.

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