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Exclamation Similar propaganda moves here

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Photo: DPA
Sarrazin says Germany 'dumber' through immigration

Published: 11 Jun 10 08:34 CET

Controversial Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin made further anti-immigrant comments this week, alleging that Germany is getting “dumber” because of its foreign population.

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While addressing the southern Hesse business association on the theme of education, demography and societal trends on Thursday, Sarrazin said that the limited education of immigrants was endangering Germany.

“We’re becoming on average dumber through natural means,” he told the group.

Citing what he called ample statistics for proof, Sarrazin went on to say that in particular, immigrants from “Turkey, the Middle East and Africa” are less educated than those from other countries.

Additionally, immigrants have more children than Germans, he said, adding that this caused the “a different growth of population groups with different intelligence” because parents pass their intelligence on to their children.

Sarrazin’s remarks were reportedly met with smirks from the audience, but there were no verbal protests.

The 65-year-old, who served as Berlin’s finance senator before joining the central bank’s board, made national headlines last September when he made anti-immigrant remarks against Arabs and Turks in an interview with Lettre International magazine.

He claimed that "a great many Arabs and Turks in [Berlin], whose numbers have grown because of the wrong policies, have no productive function other than as fruit and vegetable sellers."

Though he apologised for the remarks, Sarrazin refused to step down from the Bundesbank's board despite pressure to do so. He was however symbolically punished when the institution stripped him of some responsibilities after the comments, which caused widespread outrage.
Mr Sarrazin wrote also a book on this issue. He is member of SPD, equivalent to traditional labour, which was similarly destroyed by , same as Blair did with Labour. After that ripe for the conservative brothers to take over benefitting from neo con and "privatization" politics.
Of course he is with some point so blatantly obvious right, but the same guys who now incite hate, created the problem in typical green good doer manner.
His book sell well, and almost nobody asks why hes got easily an publisher, while any other author would face very, very serious pressure by the system.
Many problems have been ignored since almost 40 years, disagreeing equals the nazi bat. Now they propagandisticly prepare for the clash.

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