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Ok, we found something which is very confusing on the Moon Pyramid.

While removing layers of finely laminated clay beds from above the larger manufactured blocks we found that one of the layers of clay contains asymmetric ripples.

This is very interesting because in nature this would be impossible.

Clay is made from very fine grains. In order for them to be deposited naturally the depositional environment must be very calm ie. a still lake. However, asymmetric ripples indicate there is a flow.
This flow would make it impossible for the fine clay grains to settle and create the clay beds. This discovery therefore offers quite the conundrum.

For me, this discovery further reinforces the idea that the Pyramid builders had the ability to work with materials in ways similar to how nature would, while still demonstrating it is artificial.

Below you can see the manufactured blocks. No block is the same, each cut a different shape and size which helps the blocks to interlock giving the structure more strength.

Between the layers of the manufactured blocks are layers of finely laminated clays. These look like natural deposits but as they are sandwiched between intelligently designed blocks, this cannot be the case.

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