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Talking Celebrity hound knows someone you've heard of !?!

Originally Posted by dolphinoflight View Post
psychics aren't considered normal. For the record, I am a psychic who channels the dead and have made a wonderful lifestyle of it.

yes, I have had celebrity clients.
no, I cannot divulge their names.

Interestingly, while I was walking a labrynth at a nearby church, the woman who designed it was there and wanted to talk to me as she saw me getting so much out of her work.
She is into sacred geometry, hence her celtic landscaping, but she is also into energy mediums. She out of the blue asked me if I channel the dead. I told her I did.
She said that I seemed to be working on an interesting dilemma involving someone who was not dead but believed to be.
I could only take that to mean PID. I told her I was.
She said I was on the side of truth and to stick to my work. It will benefit in the long run.
I didn't take that as just a coincidence.

For someone who supposes they channel the dead you weren't even able to recognize that that woman had come from the dead, to haunt you and delude you into PIA. Now we know why you believe Paul is Alive: the bag lady in the cemetery told you so!

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