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Originally Posted by apul View Post
I think you would say "thank you" that there's at least a psychic channeling rather than nothing. Well, you would... if you were normal.

It's like to say "you have no evidence of UFO's existance, only channeling and some (enormous) pictures on the wheat fields.

- "All those signs on the fields with a sacred meaning, lights in the sky... That's a hoax, right?"

Zeta: "Yeah, we don't eally exist"

It reminds me Gagarin's flight, when he returned from space, he admitted that God doesn't exist.

Not wondering who the fuck have created this whole world, how, and why. There simply must be a REASON in EVERYTHING.

See what I mean?


I can't follow your response. Except for a comment on channellig, it just rants off topic. that has been a typical PID trait. now stop it and get some real arguments, please

and I grew up with alien abductees in my family, so the lore and belief was ingrained in me from birth.
I just don't see any credible evidence of PID just this type of strange ranting which doesn't count.
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