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Glad you like the info guys.

I really believe this project can be a catalyst in shifting the paradigm.
There are so many questions people are going to have to ask in order to fit this discovery into their current view of the worlds history that they will eventually figure out its all been a big fat lie for millennia.
People might even stop to look at their own religions history to see how it fits in with Pyramids around the world. And then realise it is also a big fat lie

It could even pave the way for ET disclosure, because once people get into the idea Ancient Egyptians didnt build the pyramids, the next logical step would be ET. At least in my mind. Certainly wasnt a bunch of cavemen.

And when I say ET, I really mean an advanced space faring race. They could be a past Earth culture or from elsewhere.

Basically, it opens up many cans of worms. Just what we need in our darkest hours.

JllZ: Yes, i believe its to scale.

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