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Exclamation Trolling the David Icke forums ?

Originally Posted by dolphinoflight View Post
I have seen the victims of bullying and gang-banging on the part of PIDers who would post personal information about a person such as an address and photos to encourage stalking. They also went into about four pages of insults at the person's looks (and wondering if paul was going to stick his dick into the person) until it was revealed they voilated their hosts TOS and had to remove the pages.
Don't go acting all high-and might with me about PIDers. I've seen them start harrassing e-mailing one person, someone who just looked at their information and not agree with it, then start complaining when said person e-mailed them insults back. They even lied and claimed the PIAer was harrassing them when they were the ones who started e-mailing, giving away their addy, and the last several dozen e-mails was the PIAer screaming at them to go away.
Yes, may justice prevail. May justice prevail on those who post nasty personal attacks, e-mail attacks and personal information that wasn't public.

I believe in a lot of David Icke's theories. I just don't believe in PID nor do I find PIDers to be good people based on what I witnessed.

I have no beef with you, but I do notice that you have a history of stalking people. For example, you have apparently joined this thread to stalk Hermajesty, with whom you had a previous history. This is NOT what the David Icke forums are for. You really should take YOUR BUSINESS elsewhere because we have enough to do investigating a serious crime without your personal vendetta disrupting the thread.

For this reason I have serious doubts about the sincerity of your presence here or your posts. Whether you are motivated inexplicably to promote the theory that a poor replacement is the original because you lack discernment or can't face the facts, or whether you are here for nefarious purposes, is irrelevant. You have joined up to pick a fight, and I shall have to report the antagonistic motivation of your presence here to our Moderator Merlincove if you don't leave Hermajesty alone.

We don't need to hear your sour grapes or to air your dirty laundry among us. Take your knocks and move on, life is out there if you give it a chance.

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