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Originally Posted by dolphinoflight View Post
Honey, I've seen Hermajesty do the exact same thing to a someone who was simply curious and expressing doubts about PID on her own forum and getting those pages removed because they got reported to the right people. She also posted that person's personal information so others could harrass that person. I know that person personally, so she started that bad behavior herself and didn't like it when it got done to her. She's what we call a hypocrite.
Honey, that woman is a psycho internet stalker. She was spreading lies about me, & I had proboards remove the libellous content she posted on MFH b/c I threatened them w/ legal action. That woman thought she was having "conversations" with me when I never once corresponded with her. She threatened to defame me in some magazine that for some unknown reason wanted to publish her dismal writing, & I had to threaten the magazine w/ legal action if they did so. If she ever contacts me again, I will report her to the police & let them deal with her.
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