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Originally Posted by luciferhorus View Post
The Jewish people have been persecuted throughout their history and have rarely ever had any real power up until the 20th century; most Jewish people however are just ordinary people and have diverse political views..
By the way on the Holocaust thing you should check out these youtube videos of people who provide the damning evidence that the whole world is waiting to hear about the truth of the Holocaust and the entire 20th century how it was all dominated by deceitfully plotting Jews who want to bring about their own Jewish World Order.


Hitler & the Zionists part 1 of 2

Hitler & the Zionists part 2 of 2

They have been plotting throughout history, before the Spanish Inquisition (Knights Templars). The Knights Templars was made up of Jews who converted to Catholicism out of fear but secretly maintained their Jewish traditions and identity (Crypto-Jews). The Knights Templars was eventually banned by the papacy after it had almost over-powered the papacy itself which granted exceptional authority to the Knights Templars for winning the Crusade in the Holy Land and bringing back damning evidence against the papacy and the treasure (secrets of Kabbalah, Jewish black magic, note the Sephiroth numbers horizontally equals to 6, 6, and 6 [666] and these Kabalists are trying to convert the world's elites most notably Madonna who once admitted to having the goal of ruling the whole world [Whore of Babylon]). The Knights Templar ran to Britain which was the enemy of France which instigated the banning and executions of all Knights Templars in Continental Europe. Eventually the Knights Templars formed an alliance with the Royal families of the British empire and converting them to their new name, Freemasonry. The coat of arms of the Knights Templars was eventually adopted by the British empire which combined with that of Scotland to make up the current British flag. Freemasons founded the Independence of the 13 colonies, and instigated and funded the French revolution.

A Jew named Mark Amaru Pinkham the leader of one of these esoteric groups in North America wrote a book called "The Truth Behind the Christ Myth", on Pages 90 and 91 he says that it is ideal and inevitable for men to be made feminine and women to be made masculine in the New World Order which he embraces as the age of Lucifer. This is one of the reasons why this poster who I am replying to is just another one of these Jews who love Satan/Lucifer and hate Christ and hi-jack the image of Christ, whom they tried to kill. Making non-Jewish men (whom they disparagingly call Goyim (Cattle) in the Talmud [Jewish collection of books of plotting the Jewish World Order in addition to interpretations of the Torah by Jewish clerics]) into volunatarily emasculated men while promoting the dominance of masculine/feminist women over this new generation of emasculated men clearly serves the purpose for fulfilling the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion a document captured by Russian Secret police before the Russian revolution that was signed by a 33rd degree mason. All the plans and tactics of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are being used today as we read in the news again and again such as using sexual black mail and brainwashing non-jews from an early age and polarizing politics by removing the aristocracy or monarchy and brining democracy in all the industrialized western nations while maintaining dictatorships in countries of the East for providing cheap labor to the Jewish controlled Western industrial nations.
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