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Originally Posted by lupa View Post
you do not just decide one day that hmm i might have a crack at being a bird, it could be a laugh..anyone that thinks that for starters is stark raving mad and needs help. it's 10 times harder being a woman for starters. (guys you have it easy trust me) you don't just decide and choose that your transsexual it's what you are, and soon as you know the difference between a girl and boy from a very early age you know there's been a mix up. it's not a choice not by a long shot.

i'd love them to try and get all the men to chop their tackle off lmao hell would have to freeze over first and that applies to females too. think i wished to be treated like a bloody outcast? are you serious?

this gender dysphoria nearly killed me. i spent 4 days in hospital after a huge overdose trying to save my organs..there is a god and god loves me because gods hand stepped in and kept me alive. and i'm glad god did step in and saved me because i have a very special take on the world that non of you will ever have the pleasure to understand. you see, i see both sides of the coin. i lost my pride my self respect my dignity my friends family my business i lost everything and there's no way i'm going to let anyone take that from me again. transsexuals are fighters and huge hypothetical balls if you get my drift, we have to fight for everything in this world..something many of you could learn from.

now i'm not saying that all trans are like me. some are just trannies that go too far and boy do they find out the hard way, they think their life will some how change and become wonderful ..they will get the shock of their lives put it that way. don't get your trans information from 50 year old men apearing on sex change hospital on discovery ffs. if you think transsexuals are part of an agenda then your tripping. we have had to fight like you wouldn't believe for any right to exist. you think they just gave us a birth cert? it's taken bloody years of fighting for that right (like its a right lol) no birth cert here for me, bugger that! i know what's attached to that piece of paper. btw you will never know anything about trans unless you are trans. even the so called trans experts have no idea, and believe me there's no agenda from them promoting this. they actively discourage it by making you do a real life test for 2-3 years which will hopefully put many confused men and women off the idea. .it is not a choice you are born that way. it is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

would you like some science??

1. Gender Identity Disorder is defined as an incongruence between self identification as male or female and the physical phenotype. The experience of this incongruence is termed Gender Dysphoria. The most extreme form, in which individuals need to adapt their phenotype with hormones and surgery to make it congruent with their gender identity, is called transsexualism. Those individuals experiencing this condition are referred to as trans people, that is, trans men (female-to-male) and trans women (male-to-female).

2. Transsexualism can be considered to be a neuro-developmental condition. Several sexually dimorphic nuclei have been found in the hypothalamic area of the brain (Swaab & Fliers, 1985; Allen & Gorski, 1990; Swaab et al, 2001). Of particular interest is the sexually dimorphic limbic nucleus called the central subdivision of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc) which appears to become fully mature in the human brain by early adulthood. In males the volume of this nucleus is almost twice as large as in females and its number of neurons is almost double (Zhou et al, 1995; Kruijver et al 2000; Chung et al 2002).

3. In the case of transsexualism this nucleus has a sex-reversed structure. This means that in the case of trans women (n=7), the size of this nucleus and its neuron count is in the same range as that of women in the general population. In the only available brain of a trans man, the structure of this nucleus was found to be in the range of males in the general population. It is hypothesised that this male-like BSTc will be present in other trans men as well. These findings were independent of sexual orientation and of the use of exogenous sex hormones. It is inferred that the sexually dimorphic BSTc is an important part of a neural circuit involved in the development and establishment of gender identity (Kruijver et al, 2000).

4. Sexual differentiation of the mammalian brain starts during fetal development and continues after birth (Kawata, 1995; Swaab et al, 2001). It is hypothesised that in humans, in common with all other mammals studied, hormones significantly influence this dimorphic development although, at present, the exact mechanism is incompletely understood. It is also postulated that these hormonal effects occur at several critical periods of development of the sexual differentiation of the brain during which gender identity is established, initially during the fetal period, then around the time of birth; and also post-natally. Factors which may contribute to an altered hormone environment in the brain at the critical moments in its early development might include genetic influences (Landen, 1999) and/or medication, environmental influences (Whitten et al., 2002), stress or trauma to the mother during pregnancy. (Ward et al., 2002; Swaab et al., 2002)

5. Gender identity usually continues along lines which are consistent with the individual's phenotype, although there are a very small number of children who experience their gender identity as being incongruent with their phenotype. However, adult outcomes in such cases are varied and cannot be predicted with certainty. It is only in a minority of these children that, regardless of phenotypical socialisation and nurture, this incongruence will persist into adulthood and manifest as transsexualism. (di Cegli, 2000; Prosse, 1998; Ekins, 1997; Bates, 2002; Ekins & King, 2001; Green, 1987)

6. As stated, in trans people, a sex-reversed BSTc has been found. This specific sex-reversed brain organisation in trans people provides persuasive evidence of a biological predisposition for transsexualism. This evidence for an innate biological etiology is reinforced by other studies, one example of which, indicates a higher than average correlation with left-handedness (Green & Young, 2001). Where the predisposition for transsexualism exists, psycho-social and other factors may subsequently play a role in the outcome, however, there is no evidence that nurturing and socialisation in contradiction to the phenotype can cause transsexualism, nor that nurture which is entirely consistent with the phenotype can prevent it (Kipnis &Diamond, 1998). There is further clear evidence from the histories of conditions involving anomalies of genitalia, that gender identity may resolve independently of genital appearance, even when that appearance and the assigned identity are enhanced by medical and social interventions (Reiner, 2002; Kipnis & Diamond, 1998; Diamond and Sigmundson, 1997). It is not possible to identify one single cause for transsexualism: rather, its causality is highly complex and multifactorial. The condition requires a careful diagnostic process, based largely on self-assessment, facilitated by a specialist professional.

7. In conclusion, transsexualism is stongly associated with the neurodevelopment of the brain. (Zhou et. al., 1995; Kruijver et. al., 2000). The condition has not been found to be overcome by contrary socialisation, nor by psychological or psychiatric treatments alone (Green, 1999). Individuals may benefit from an approach that includes a programme of hormones and corrective surgery to achieve realignment of the phenotype with the gender identity, accompanied by well-integrated psychosocial interventions to support the individual and to assist in the adaptation to the appropriate social role (Green and Fleming, 2000). Treatments may vary, and should be commensurate with each individual's particular needs and circumstances.

[1] The term 'gender identity' is used, in the UK, to indicate the self-identification as male or female. However, terminology varies around the world, and the term 'sexual identity' is preferred by many in the US. (pace Professor Milton Diamond). See "Sex and Gender are different: Sexual Identity & Gender Identity are Different", (2000) Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry, Vol 7 (3):320-334.

[2] The transsexual condition is also referred to in various ways (Diamond M, 2002 In Press) "What's In a Name? Some terms used in the discussion of Sex and Gender". Transgender Tapestry.

n.b.The UK government recognises that transsexualism is not a mental illness. See Lord Chancellor's Department - government policy concerning transsexual people.

as i've mentioned, you try snipping off a blokes manhood when they don't want to. they will have the biggest fight on their hands if that's the plan lol. (get's the popcorn ready and waits for them to try it, this could get interesting)

the sauce
It is obvious that this "Lupa" character is a disinformation agent trying to perform one of those "operation mind fuck", as Robert Anton Wilson admitted in an interview before his death that the purpose of him writing the Illuminatus triology was "Operation mind fuck". These Jewish Illuminati don't care about humans, they consider humans to be a seperate species from them, they call non-Jews Goyim (cattle), and Goy, in their eyes we are cattle to be milked. It is no secret that the first and only document that has remained secret in this world that plans for the rule of a master race is the Jewish Talmud. It is available for everyone to read yet it remains secretive due to the massive Jewish influence coupled with the magic show they performed called "Holocaust" to make non-Jews feel guilty of killing Jews.

Jews have been planning throughout history to take power, today they are successful due to people like "Lupa" who try to feminize men and make men feel guilty about their gut instincts on any subject, especially on protecting the masculinity of the brotherhood of men and to keep the brotherhood of men united as well as strong and aggressive and ever-ready to defeat devils in any shape or form that they appear including the most classic: an androgynous seductive devil.

God separated the feminine from himself creating the material universe. From the chaos of the material universe God created the universal order from which God created the Earth and from Earth God created Adam, his vice-regent on Earth. God separated the feminine from his vice-regent on Earth and told him not to eat the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, which is sex. It was sex that the "serpent" had taught Eve before God punished it by making it limb-less, and then she went and tempted Adam with sex. It is sex which made Adam realize that he was naked and made him so ashamed of being naked that he hid from God when God came looking for him in the Garden of Eden.
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