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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
Malachi 3:1-6

Therefore as Moloch did not exist he is neither an owl nor a bull.
maybe it was a typo?
something lost in translation?
folks using the oral traditions to play the telephone game?
in oral tradition societies, cultures, sounds were rather important, along with relaying and interpreting asymmetrical facial gestures.

maybe it was not moloch but malachi or maybe moche, peru, where they in fact did worship owls...
Do not suggest I am crazy, not that far away we find the Nazca lines where we find a representation of the kabbalah's tree of life in the form of a bird?

Remember there is an implied zig zag path to the Tree of Life as depicted.

Huron, Nazca Lines Peru, and the Rosicrucian Christian Rosenkreuz
c'mon folks
the ancients were not the LITERAL fools we have become.
clearly the mysteries they left us, say that loud and clear?

GREAT SERPENT MOUND that we see above that matches the other two images, it predates Christ by 1000 years and the Rosicrucian Christian Rosenkreuz by 2500+ years?

What else can we find in Peru that exposes the Vatican ruse and the narrative taken far too LITERALLY re: son of god called jesus the miracle worker?
I was down there in Peru in 2006.
I am a researcher, though unpopular for my views based on my findings.
what can I say...?
I should stop observing, reading and thinking and sharing?

please note the DOOR etched in the grass...please note the 'ray' that is beaming in that direction...

How do we link Peru and another place called Moray, which is up on a mount, to Mt. Moriah or Mt. Meru...all significant mts./temples?
Actually we can link Moray, Peru directly to St. Peter's Square via the Anasazi Kiva.
just click on this link we go looking for the DOORS outta here:

I see a door in the Vatican in the same approx location as Moray Peru.
I see a BLACK door in the Shrine of the Book Temple (dead sea scrolls) in about the same distance from the White dome as in St. Peter's Square...

The DOORS have been VEILeD?
ask yourself which came first...the many temples in the exact same form/shape as St. Peter's Square who we were told it was designed by blah blah blah...but how could that be...St. Peter's is the last in line of this sacred temple shape that was used as far back as 1500 BC in Arkaim Russia.

Arkaim Russia also known as SWASTIKA City, 1500 BC and Anasazi KIVA circa 500 AD.

The folks resting on their laurel wreaths in the Vatican, betting the house on jesus, are fookin' spiritual thieves clearly.
Not to mention all the treasures they stole from abroad.
So cocky they put all those Egyptian Obelisks they stole and erected them in Rome, put them on display.

Folks go wow.
I say WTF?
we glorify crimes against humanity?


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