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Originally Posted by getsmart View Post
Well, Seaofgreen. Aside from your hateful last sentence, directed in hysteria against your favorite Hate Victim Hermajesty,
Huh? "Put up or shut up" is common idiom for the situation.

Faulcon is a victim of her own behaviour (but also quite probably, childhood problems such as abuse).
Originally Posted by getsmart View Post
you are once again demonstrating the megalomaniac conviction that you know everything and that you know everyone.
Several Billion People were alive in the 1960's and YOU cannot know what each of them may have suggested or not. Get a life or Get Help.
The fact that there were several billion people alive in the '60s and that Paul was the most famous and scrutinized man on the planet at the time should mean that it's pretty easy for you to "put your money where your mouth is" (another idiom, btw) and come up with some evidence with which to back up the claims that this is anything other than a joke from students in '69.

Show us some statements, news reports, magazine articles, fan letters, etc. that suggest that anyone in '67 or '68 thought that Paul had been replaced.

And no faulcon, the report that Paul's car had been crashed in '67 is in no way evidence that people thought he had been replaced in '66:

'66 vs. '67; car-crash vs. replaced

Spot the difference?
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