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Originally Posted by seaofgreen View Post
No one before the college students of '69 suggested that Paul had been replaced.

Put up, or shut up.
You must be the most uninformed PI-Agent out there. Have you actually done any research into PID? You're an embarrassment to your own kind.

In 1967, the rumor spread through London that McCartney had died in November 1966 and had been replaced. The February 1967 (#43) issue of The Beatles Monthly Book, the Beatles' official fan club magazine, tried to squelch the "rumor":

Stories about the Beatles are always flying around Fleet Street. The 7th of January was very icy, with dangerous conditions on the M1 motorway, linking London with the Midlands, and towards the end of the day, a rumor swept London that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash on the M1. But, of course, there was absolutely no truth in it at all. As the Beatles' Press Officer found out, when he telephoned Paul's St. John's Wood home and was answered by Paul himself, that he had been at home all day with his black Mini Cooper safely locked up in the garage.

Brian Moriarty, “Who Buried Paul?,” from a presentation on March 17, 1999,

Alan Glenn, “‘Paul is Dead!’ (said Fred),” November 11, 2009,

Jim Yoakum, “Man Who Killed Paul McCartney,” Gadfly May/June 2000,

How do you like them Apples?
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