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Default The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

Originally Posted by 2013 View Post
eresting thread . The red Cap and as was mentioned to a lesser degree yellow caps , do they derive from mushrooms ? there has to be a link there with hallucinogens and sacred knowledge .worth looking into .
a section from the page .
John Marco Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross -

The concerted and biased attempts to destroy Allegros discoveries have failed. The confirmatory evidence is mounting in his favor. The critics can now raise their voices again. Let us hope that they do, since the matter is not settled, but they should be advised to do so with more careful consideration. This book that many have prized in secret is now available again. It demands the serious consideration of theologians, mythologists, and students of religion. No account of the history of the Church, both West and East, can afford to leave the poor despicable fungus unconsidered, nor the role that entheogens in general have played in the evolution of European civilization.
~ Professor Carl A. P. Ruck, Boston University.

Why was Jesus a magic mushroom?
Because an English scholar specializing in languages by the name of John M Allegro, was the only non Christian commissioned by the church in 1947 to be on the team to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls.
His findings were shunned by the church, his books were banned, and his life works were ridiculed.
In his book the sacred mushroom and the cross he clearly states that Jesus was a mushroom, because he kept seeing words in the ancient dead sea scrolls that when translated meant magic mushroom the reason for this was because the ancient peoples, possibly Sumerians that wrote the scrolls were nature worshipers & there most sacred thing of all was the magic mushroom animetus mascara a very strong red and white Psychedelic mushroom.
They believed the mushroom was in the image of the penis that shot up out of the earth, the mother, after the sacred rain, seen as the sperm of God, the mighty sun, the mighty penis in the sky.
You can see why the church discredited Allegro’s findings they didn’t want to except that sex and magic mushrooms was what the Bible & Christianity was all about.

1. The church says only by partaking of the flesh of Jesus can you reach the kingdom of heaven. = meaning: the flesh of the magic mushroom has a psychedelic property that when you partake, eat, digest, the flesh you can reach haven.

2. To drink the blood of Jesus = meaning: to make a magic mushroom brew to enlighten
And awaken to the sacred realm of the sacred magic mushroom and this explains why only through Jesus.

3. Why the symbol of the cross for Jesus? = meaning; the shape of the mushroom is the same shape as the cross. The cross is the symbol of the mushroom.

4. Why was Mary the virgin mother? = meaning: "Jesus was a mushroom" because the primitive people knew most plants came from seeds and some one in the sky fertilizers them, mushrooms don’t come from seeds, their spores don’t need fertilizing hence the allegorical story of a virgin birth.

5. So why wont the church is honest about Jesus the mushroom? = meaning because they make more money out of the lie that Jesus was a real man.
But only a fool would believe one man in history could die for us and rise again from the dead when we all know that’s imposable it has to be a story to hide a greater truth like the realities of the magic mushroom that suppress ego and reduce wars when used in a religious way.

Atlantis and the Magic Mushroom (Part 1)

The Copper Scroll

The controversy over the Copper Scroll deepened the rift between Allegro and the team. At the request of the authorities, Allegro had arranged for the scroll to be cut open in Manchester over the winter of 1955/56. He supervised the opening and made a preliminary transcription and translation of the contents. He found it to be a list of Temple treasure hidden at various locations around Qumran and Jerusalem, most probably after the sack of Jerusalem in AD 70. Initial excitement turned to poison when the team accused Allegro of leaking information to the Press (which was denied) and later objected to his pre-empting the official translation (in 1962) by publishing his own version first (in 1960). In Allegro's defense, it is suggested the team had already issued a preliminary translation, and Allegro held his book back to try and let the official version take precedence. But he could not in honesty support the official interpretation of the Copper Scroll as a work of fiction, and some later scholars have endorsed his view that the treasure was real.[2]
[edit] Christian origins

Allegro believed that Essenism was the matrix of Christianity. He suggested that there were so many correspondences between the scroll texts and the New Testament — words and phrases, beliefs and practices, Messianic leadership, a teacher who was persecuted and possibly crucified — that he thought the derivation obvious. This brought him into conflict with the Catholic priests on the editing team, and with most church spokesmen, who maintained the orthodox assumption that the arrival of Jesus was the unique, historical, God-given event described in the Gospels. Allegro also started to look in more depth at the way the New Testament appeared to weave together a mix of folklore, myth, incantation and history.

Manna From Heaven

There are a great many people who would never consider the use of visionary plants to be a spiritual experience. These people believe that spiritual experiences must come directly from God and that the use of visionary plants goes against the teachings of the Bible. Contrary to this notion, the Bible never explicitly prohibits the use of visionary plants or potions. What you will find however, is many curious references to a spiritual food sent down from heaven by God, called manna.

The Bible never tells us exactly what manna was and where it came from, but there are many Old Testament passages which describe its physical qualities and conditions associated with its appearance. The Bible's first reference to manna is in the Book of Exodus as the children of Israel are fleeing from Egypt and following Moses into the wilderness. After six weeks of wandering, they began complaining to Moses that they are tired and hungry. What happens next is truly extraordinary:

Then said the LORD unto Moses, Behold, I will vain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law or no (16:4).

And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground (16:14). And when the children of Israel saw if, they said one to another It is manna: for they wist not what it was. And Moses said unto them, This is the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat.

Moses, 9/11 and Magic Mushroom (Atlantis & Shrooms Part 2)

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Beam me up, Scotty

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