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Cool Dodger Stadium was "Opening Night" for Sir Paul

Originally Posted by dedesuperman View Post
For some people the reality of the doubles is nearly unthinkable, in particular those of the PIA. In this thread hermajesty tempts desperately with different sources to demonstrate that this reality achieves under our eyes and it by different ways as the entertainment makes at the television or other media. Here is one of it with the double of George W. Bush Steve Bridges that have been invited at his reception. Try to guess which one is the true George W. Bush?

Hi Dede Superman,

You're quite right that most people can't imagine that anyone could have the gumption to actually go out there and impersonate somebody "permanently".

Since there are a number of PIDers who are alarmed that we might even envisage if other Beatles were replaced, when we know that Paul was, here's something to placate their temper.

The following photo is from The Beatles' Press Conference at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium taken immediately before their concert on Sunday August 28th, 1966.

The image was not reversed, as can be ascertained by the button placement on George and John's jackets. Ringo appears anxious and George and John are sullen. Paul has grown taller than any of his mates, his left hand is passively at his belt, where you position your rarely used secondary hand. He is smoking very nervously with his right hand, and in so doing partially masking his face for the photo. Dodger Stadium was "Opening Night" for Sir Paul.

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