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Default Dugpas and their role

I had several conversations with a satanic freemason/black magician who told me that in order to become a high ranking mason, training with Dugpas/Dukpas was the last step to becoming fully Illuminated. This makes perfect sense to me. The symbolic red cap well known in freemasonry and the Dugpas who are well versed black magicians/sorcerers wear the very same red cap. I don't think it is a coincidence.

I found this excerpt which more or less sums em up....

In the East, they are known as the “Brothers of the Shadow,” living men possessed by the earth-bound elementaries; at times—their masters, but ever in the long run falling victims to these terrible beings. In Sikkim and Tibet they are called Dug-pas (red-caps), in contra-distinction to the Geluk-pas (yellow-caps), to which latter most of the adepts belong. And here we must beg the reader not to misunderstand us. For though the whole of Bhûtan and Sikkim belongs to the old religion of the Bhons, now known generally as the Dug-pas, we do not mean to have it understood that the whole of the population is possessed, en masse, or that they are all sorcerers. Among them are found as good men as anywhere else, and we speak above only of the élite of their Lamaseries, of a nucleus of priests, "devil-dancers," and fetish worshippers, whose dreadful and mysterious rites are utterly unknown to the greater part of the population. (Blavatsky Collected Writings, vol. 6, pp. 197-198)
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