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Default Egyptian Hebrew

Originally Posted by bendoon View Post
You need to start with Sumeria and Akaddia to unravel the Hebrew Egyptian mystery.

When the word Hebrew is uesd in the Bible it means "the land beyond the Euphrates" in plural, Hebrews, it means "a stranger come from the other side of the Euphrates"

Abraham was from Ur, a city of Sumeria/Akkadia (beyond the Euphrates).

Cheers for that bendoon,

The mob, who are slaves, stay slaves basically and they stay there; and of course, being slaves and dumb and stupid, they make a golden calf because the slaves, the base ones, want a two-legged or at least a four-legged something solid anyway to worship. They don't want a god or something that they can't see, feel and touch. They want to worship something physical; and so Moses the illumined one goes up the mountain, up the degrees, up the scale to talk to God. He went where the rest could not follow. That's what it means. That's the simple esoteric story of it. Moses in Egyptian means "CHILD". Unless you become as a child you cannot see the kingdom of heaven. Ramoses is as child of Ra. Thothmoses is as child of Thoth; and on and on we go.

December 8, 2004
Biblical History and our Point of Power. Why the Japanese broadcast "Tora, Tora, Tora" (Torah?) when attacking Pearl Harbour. The Old Testament was written around 200-300 BC by 72 priests in Egypt who wrote it in Greek (not Hebrew) for the Jews who spoke Aramaic.

The Kabala existed in ancient Egypt although added to after the 1500's. The Talmud was based on the Babylonian Talmud, updated and carried out of Babylon by the Pharisees and the Sadducees and it was then that Judaism began.

Origin and symbolism of the Caduceus (western medical symbol).

Tyrannical occupation of Egypt for 200 years or so by the Hyksos (Shepherd Kings) and the Habiru (mercenaries) who were a conglomeration of nomadic peoples from the northeast. And much more....



The Freemasons obviously know there is a connection.

Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post

I'd be blind if I didn't. What's the point.?

The Greek philosophers taught the method in story form. An imaginary
Dialogue would occur between two or more people. By "logic" every societal
problem was reduced to the BINARY CODE. EITHER-OR. We know it better
as the Dialectic Process. By how LOGOS(the WORD) is used, those
following the conversation are brought to a conclusion . The conclusion BEE-
comes their own. They are now INFORMED. The purpose is to usurp power
from the individual and have him slave willingly towards "the betterment of
humanity." The beehive has always been the symbol of the perfect society in
ancient Egypt, the Minoan culture and Freemasonry. Behave is from
Beehive. Plato discussed the types of bees in relation to classes of people.
The majority were workers who brought home the nectar. The drone priests
sorted it into grades of honey. The best is Royal Jelly for themselves and
the "Queen" while the workers are given denaturalised refuse.

Unlike modern freemasonry where the initiate must say "I AM" pre-Jaques-
Pierrian English had no Am. The candidate said "I BEE". The number of
masonry is Four. "To bee or not to bee=2xb(2)=4. Jaques is French for
Jacob, Pierre is Peter, Rock etc.. This is typical masonic "allegory" for
Jacob's Pillow (foundation) on which he had his "dream". This is a re-hash
from the Egyptian Book of the Dead story of Ascended Masters to-day
known as M ITREAS. The nobility ruling Egypt and their empire were called
Hamites. The priesthoods taught their own race the doctrine of
REINCARNATION. Those who ruled were "spirits" which had completed
many cycles with such perfection, they only returned to "help rule" the "poor
masses" which "could not rule themselves". A Brotherhood which hi-jacked reality and gave illu(light)si(spirit of)on.
Every Lodge has its picture of Jacob's ladder(rungs are degrees)
symbolizing the ascension of the novice, returning as angels(angles) to
earth, perfected.

You've got an artificial system which "CONNED". The word CON, COHEN, CAIN, KAHN, KING all comes from the same root of PRIEST.


We have an elite who've used war, money, cities, culture creation, religion and all the things that come into the culture festivals, generally based on lunar and solar and stellar mythologies, to keep the people in check. Keep them happy, dumbed-down, stupid and obedient more than anything else, because obedience is so important. Of course, the sun god was one of the greatest ones they've used down through the ages up until the present; and it's a reincarnated sun god. You see, it's the same old thing rehashed over and over where the invisible god, the "Grand Architect of the Universe," as the Masons call him, always chooses a son—his own son to push life into the world, because they claim that without it, we the profane are dead, you see.

PROFANE in Masonry means "those in the darkness," base people, which is a real hypocrisy in itself, because it's like breaking the legs of cow and then kicking the cow because they can't get up. That's the hypocrisy of this system and that's how they view the public. They've broken our legs and they hate us because we can't get up. We're pathetic; and of course, they claim that we need them. It's like saying that the mice in the fields need the hawk. THIS IS THE LOGIC OF THE PREDATOR.

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