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Originally Posted by metacomet View Post
Did he shift in front of you? Have you witnessed anything like that?

Have you created any threads here yet? Your accounts could be valued.
Yes I did under Led Zeppelin and 9/11... I was ritualistically abused, by a mega bunch of politicians/shapeshifters who left me for dead at one degree celcius stark naked on a sidewalk in the old part of Hull, Quebec. Just across the border from Ottawa. Canada's capital.That ritual took place in the back then museum of man also called the "Victoria museum" I was 5 and a half. What happened to me is so big...It's hard to beleive. These people are so bad, so corrupted, so heartless, so evil, beleive me they are. And just like David Icke proved they are chosen in advance. Trudeau was a future prime minister of Canada back then. Pearson was also a future prime minister and he also raped me.Another recipient of the Nobel peace prize. And what did Alfred Nobel invent that was so peacefull ? Dynamite. The first ever explosive. What I remember most of Pearson is his disgusting badbreath, his blubber body. Makes me want to vomit every time I think about it. Grand master 33 degrees John Deifenbaker was also there and raped me too . Not to mention The Queen and her big black dildo. Did she ever ramm me. Oh yes she did . This is all proven stuff that goes all the way up to Interpol, Lyon, France.(After I posted here the Queen read her throne speech. Did she ever look stupid. Take a look at that. And the looks she got.The Queen's throne speech 2009). The b.......s they call the Royal Canadian Mounted Police protected the buggers and they still do.The Hull police back then were involved and so was the Ottawa police. And yes, I did see them and some recruits shapeshift. All and all I was raped by 42 people which include 3 American presidents. I swear Eishenhower and J. F. Kennedy and Truman were there and shapeshifted. My big sister, a cousin, a university teacher I had all saw that tape and were appaled to say the least. And loads of other people know about this. This tape went around in the world of rock and roll. And loads of rockers have quit this cult because of that. They realised that they were lied to big time. Some have been tortured Abbou-Graib style for doing so. Beleive me this is all too true. Ever wondered why Stevie Ray Vaughn had nervous ticks and his eyes revulsed ? And why he so conveniently died in a plane crash ? This is the worst ever recorded gang rape in all of the history of humanity.Take a good look at rockers who have eyes that revulse or who have had accidents of all sorts... This was all taped and still is sold around for a fortune. Such a fortune that Interpol refused to tell me how much. They cut my hair short that night and sent a part of it to my dad who put it in an enveloppe signed it and dated it. This too is in the hands of Interpol in Lyon and is considered a legal document. After that night I was so traumatised I didn't speak a word for about six months. When I started talking I stuttered and could only talk about monsters.And they still laugh at that. I am now 54 and they still treathen me and my family. And they still mock me in every manner they can think of. Because my torture didn't stop there. More later... in the meanwhile I greatly suggest you take a look at Truman's life at The father of nuclear power.
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