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Default Fool on the hill

Originally Posted by coco View Post
I've always been fascinated by the lyrics. When I was very young I didn't understand. Later, though still a child, I concluded the fool on the hill is exactly as the lryics say: He sits up there watching the ebb and flow of the people in the city, the births, the rushing about, going to work, coming home, shenanigans, society going round and round both day and night. He sits up there watching, taking it all in but not participating in the madness he recognizes it for. At least that's my take.
Here here I am the FOOL on the hill.Ha Ha,and I love it

Gong -I Am The Fool

I am the fool, said the Fool,

I am the Queen, said the Queen,

I've been here before said the Change,

This is your life said the Dream.

And the wind goes wheee...

And the Queen goes "O dear",

And the man says "I'm all alone".

I am the boy, said the girl,

I am the girl, said the boy,

I am the pill, said the Church

And I am all there is, says the God.

And the Saint goes, "Stick 'em up",

And the Devil goes, "Ha,Ha,Ha",

And the man says "I'm all alone".

"I'm your lover, dear, says Lady Porno,

"I am the Law", says Desperado.

"I am the truth", says Mr. Politic,

"And I'm all this and more", says the music.

And the Police go, ra, ra, ra,

And the Ambulance goes...Whooo,

And the man says "I'm all alone".

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