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Originally Posted by major seven View Post
Nice ashtrays Ralphie
Fess up Ralph
You made those in a pottery class in Boy Scouts for a pottery merit badge when you were 12, and you gave them to your mommy, Right?
Nice job!
Two plates...two is my pitch and the third strike against ewe.

Above we see the propagation of a longitudinal non-electromagnetic SOUND wave on a 2D grid. And beside it is a FLAT 2D representation of the same thing, a flat plate from Samarra Iraq, 4900 BC.
Note the Maltese Cross in the center of the SOUND wave when it 'erupts' and flows outward...

I love how the ignorant Christian plebe keeps stepping up to the plate called ignorance, when discussing plates from Samarra Iraq.
I present two others here for the plebe to dis:

Where are the world's biggest megalithic stones?
Ever hear of Baalbek?

Baalbek contains the world's largest quarried stones and it also had THREE major temples.
Devoted to Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.
Temple of Jupiter was the largest.
Can we locate evidence of your god jesus christ or mine the swastika in Baalbek?

Would it surprise the average christian plebe to find out that swastikas were found in the Temple of Jupiter too?
The history settlement in the area of Ballbek dates back approximately 9000 years, with almost continual settlement of the tell under the Temple of Jupiter.
Shall we go now to the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii and see if we can find evidence of Jesus or the swastika?
Eh plebe want to come along?

I betcha we find NO evidence of Jesus in Pompeii but MUCH evidence of the swastika.

It is clear that Jesus is a copy cat of what the swastika represented to many cultures BEFORE jesus became the flavor of the day.

Shall we now go to yet another copy cat temple that contains copy cat beliefs?
How about we go take a look around the MOTHER CHURCH of ALL Christendom in Rome...built thousands of years after Baalbek?
Does the MOTHER CHURCH San Giovanni Laterano contain evidence of SWASTIKAs too?

What does the Christian plebe think?
Will we find swastikas associated with Roman Catholic Christians in the MOTHER CHURCH.

Forget the Christian Nazi plebe ... is there evidence those at the top of the Christian food chain (pope) still revere this symbol, behind closed doors?
How much time EWE got to be re-educated.
Time to let go of the programming christian sheeple.
Come join the discussion here.
I can debate science, religion, and even Freemasons, using the same damn argument>>>

double Helix of DNA = two interlaced swastikas = clockwise vs. anti-clockwise rotations
Watch about one minute of this video from about 5 minutes to 6:15.

How does this grid help illustrate SpaceTime?
answer: At 6:45 of the video take a look at how SpaceTime fabric is illustrated...take a look at the center of the vortex ... what do EWE see?


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