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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
The first letter of the Runic Alpahabet is Fehu which means "cattle" and implies "wealth".
WEALTH yes...but mooveable wealth, herds that can be used as currency.
What is the last letter of the Runes alphabet?
The ODAL concerns itself with wealth too.
HOWEVER it is immovable wealth ... ODAL concerns itself with heredity, primarily.
In the end, what is carried forward?
And heredity = bloodlines and bloodlines would be concerned with the gene pool.

How does the VW logo connect to the ODAL, signifying heredity?
Follow the symbols through spacetime:

Then how do we connect the RUNES to phosphenes and the development of language itself?
RUNES, Fire and Phosphenism >> Do You See What I See?

Sowilo rune + sowilo rune = SS

How do we trace the evolution of the zig-zag, and the SS using the runes?
In the Christian church, the SS = Holy Spirit and St. Peter and St. Paul, too btw.
Food for thought...



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