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leighcgilbert 15-03-2019 02:42 PM

Open Society and Espionage
This continues my thread from the Big Brother section. My own contribution is my website in the New Age section: https://thegreatworkdecoded.com

Numerous national Intelligence agencies held accounts on social media platforms, e.g. Britain's MI5, MI6 and GCHQ; America's CIA and NSA; all have been on Facebook.

Twitter account holders included the CIA, NSA and Britain's GCHQ, of which the latter opened an INSTAGRAM account in 2018. Instagram were owned by Facebook.

GCHQ – who collaborated closely with America's NSA – admitted in 2014 that it was legal for British Intelligence to spy on social media accounts. A former GCHQ head, ROBERT HANNIGAN, jumped on the bandwagon when he criticised Facebook in 2018, saying that it needed greater regulation. The regulation of social media in general was inevitable and planned all along by the Ruling Elite. Hannigan (CMG honour) previously served the British PM as Security Adviser, and is credited with making GCHQ more 'open' and 'transparent' in his years as its' Director (2014-17).

Israel's national intelligence agency MOSSAD advertised for recruits on its' Facebook account, but denied having a Twitter account in 2019.

The pro-Democracy website "openDemocracy", founded in 2001, was funded by – amongst others - the following:
George Soros' OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS; ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS FUND; FORD FOUNDATION; the American government-backed NED (National Endowment For Democracy, which promotes democracy abroad).

openDemocracy had partnerships with the LSE; UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY; WORLD FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY.

openDemocracy was co-founded by the centre left journalist, ANTHONY BARNETT, who campaigned for improved democratic institutions. Barnett studied at Cambridge University where he lodged with the renowned post-Keynesian economist NICHOLAS KALDOR, a LSE lecturer and advisor to the Labour Party government. Kaldor worked at the UN offshoot, the ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR EUROPE (as Director for Research and Planning). Kaldor's daughter, MARY KALDOR (CBE), wrote for openDemocracy and was a LSE Professor and LSE Director of a unit. Mary Kaldor belonged to the European CFR (a European version of America's CFR) that was funded by Soros' Open Society Foundations.

Barnett was the first Director of the centre left British pressure group CHARTER 88, which had begun in conjunction with the centre left magazine NEW STATESMAN.

TV and radio shows have promoted more openness and a confessional attitude, such as the popular American sitcom "Friends". The BBC radio presenter SIMON MAYO incorporated his popular CONFESSIONS feature in his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show (1990s) and in his BBC Radio 2 show in the 21st century, in which members of the public sought absolution for their (often frivolous or humorous) "sins". It spawned a BBC1 TV version that wasn't as successful.

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