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raburgeson 17-02-2018 10:27 AM

About Disclosure
So far there has been nothing. There have been rumors. The rumors state that they would release electromagnetic healing and antigravity. Well that would be a poor start. Those should have been released at least 70 years ago. Russia has been using the black box for years. Who do we credit with the box in the western nations. Tesla or Royal Rife? Here we are talking about inventions before the 1930s. Where does the antigravity come from? Post world Germany or something archeology dug up? Not that these things would not be appreciated but they are way late in the game. It's time they put "modern" technology on the table. They can make you young again. They have a smart pill. They have free energy. They have space travel, teleportation, and, many other things hidden like time travel.

I expect full disclosure. Secrets have been used to hold the humans on Earth hostage long enough.

bamboozooka 27-03-2018 08:37 AM

what will happen with any form of disclosure? the masses will look up from their fakebook account on their smart phone, shrug, and look back down at their phone and carry on clicking likes to pop culture posts.

oz93666 27-03-2018 12:40 PM

Your right , rab ... this is the real game changer , the release of the high tech being currently used in the breakaway shadow civilisation aka as the secret space program SSP ....

They have tech which can fix any medical problem . keep us eternally young forever , it will be an end to work , everyone having what they want , doing what they want ....

With full disclosure it will be revealed how millions from Earth have been abducted to serve as slaves off world , and worse .... Those in command fear being brought to justice for their crimes and are trying to keep things as they are ...

But multiple movements are forcing full disclosure , the truth about the SSP is all over Youtube and the web .

Also we are told benign ETs are insisting it all comes out , or they will make it come out...

Behind the scenes powerful forces are synchronising many levels of the transformation about to happen .....

1... The movement of the solar system into a part of the galaxy with a higher frequency which will trigger an upgrade in our biology , shared telepathy , a new type of dreamtime experience , instinctive discernment of the truth....

2. ...The awakening of humanity on the mundane level , realizing this society has been an illuminati created fraud to control and enslave us , religions are lies , vaccines are poisoned etc. ( this will be the painful part for many) ....

3...The release of the hightech and the reuniting of the millions in the breakaway SSP into Earth society ...

4 ... Getting to know, trade and deal with the Thousands of different ET species in our neighbourhood !!

I expect all this to happen in perfect synchronized harmony , and with in my lifetime.

What our reality will look like after this transformation is up to us ... I do expect us to still be physical ... eat food ... brush our teeth ... but a few will probably start to master the powers of the yogis ... dematerialise their bodies , project consciousness , the majority will rely on tech to do this ...

Many will travel to the stars ... And some will form a 'justice league' to go battle the reptilian empire which , will be gone from Earth , but will still hold many planets and civilisations in other star systems under their jack boot .

raburgeson 29-06-2018 02:42 PM

More Beating a Dead Horse
I'll put this link up again. It seems every time I speak about this a big news flash comes up and it is ignored.


It is not just ET technology that is being hidden. Here is a car that was stolen just after the inventor was killed. His labs and prototypes are gone. Someone stole them. The economic slavery still exists at the pump. The threat of shutting off supplies and claiming demand driving up prices looms over our heads constantly. This is Earth technology and it is being withheld by the oil cartels and the government. The government is in on this right up to their brown eyes and what is above that is toilet paper. Look at all the perks no waiting in line, no gouging prices, no time wasted by fueling your car, and no pollution. Go after them! Scale that motor up and run generators. Free electric. Trump mentioned releasing antigravity and medical cures. Do it! Better yet Russia should do it. Anything the government talks about never happens. They have no credibility what-so-ever and if you allow them any you are being very foolish.

The whole thing is a farce. The diesel VW sold in Europe (the same model) gets 60 MPG will the American version gets 40. That was still too much for the oil cartels they had the VWs pulled from the market for cheating on pollution tests. In 1950 they had 300 MPG and in 1970 they had over 1000. What is the tax per gallon in your area? Well that is not enough for the globalists that want to enslave the entire world, they want a world wide carbon tax. Talk about money for nothing and your checks for free. It is time to take these types to the wood shed and on the way make them cut their own willow branch.

elshaper 07-12-2018 12:57 PM

Thought provoking video.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bjxxsu2fIPg" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

grimstock 08-12-2018 08:25 AM

Disclosure of what they had 100 years ago will be disguised as the latest tech.

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