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metacomet 22-04-2009 06:01 PM

Real Hauntings: Real Ghosts: My stories
This is a summary of my ghostly experiences in western Montana. There are about 4 different locations but I will start with the most active.

One of my best friends was born and raised on a cattle ranch tucked into the mountains. The previous owners were Satanists and sacrificed their daughter on the property, then killed themselves. The brother to said daughter came and burnt down the house and the property remained vacant until my friends family decided to build their house on that portion of the ranch. As they laid foundation they excavated two unknown bodies from the basement as well as two unmarked Indian burial sites in a nearby pond. This sounds like a tall-tale... it's the unfortunate truth and helps explain the following events.

Another strange thing: the evil couple who owned the house before were filthy rich and kept caged animals from Africa etc. I think we all know why black magicians would keep such eccentric stock... moving on...

When I was 14 my friend would call me on the phone and explain how big and awesome his house was and how I had to come down and spend the night etc. He had other friends but they weren't 'nice' whatsoever and I get the impression I was the nicest person he knew and he was a bit desperate to have a good friend over for a change.

I went to his house a couple days later and it was not awesome. It was a big, log house, in a beautiful location, but the second I walked in I felt the weight of the house and all the sadness and depression going on inside.

My friends parents were alcoholics and spent every night in the corner of a living room, on the other end of the house, drinking themselves to sleep. I remember on one of my friends birthdays, his older brother came to the house and walked in and pulled my friend out of the room to talk to him. Apparently his father, in a blind drunken rage, had beat his mom and broken two of her ribs. This is not at all like the father - but we all know that liquor is called 'spirits' for a reason.


metacomet 22-04-2009 06:07 PM

The first thing I noticed about this house was that it was dark inside even with open windows and sunshine outside. The kind of atmosphere where light gets scattered and suffocated before it can even pass through the windows. This was the house my friend had grown up in, and to him, this was normal.

When he left me alone in the living room to go get his things, I immediately felt 'it' on the back of my neck. I could feel the lower vibrations in the corner of the living room, where his father would drink a fifth of tequilla to himself every night. I could feel the badness and I didn't like it.

We went into my friends room and at the time he was living in a small room next to the staircases which lead up to his parents bedroom. Anyone who knows about spirits and staircases... well... I don't need to say anything.

Oddly enough, when he moved into the far side of the house into another room, he was next to another flight of stairs.

I should mention that this house was built 100% against all feng shui concepts, and even at 14 years old I was able to explain this to him. The energy flow was horrendous. Every room had at least two doors going into it. Windows were everywhere (except his smaller first bedroom)... the house was a trap for spirits.

His smaller bedroom which we were in at the time had one window. It was a small room. The window was small. The window was covered in stickers. I asked why he did that. He said something about being creeped out at night and not wanting to see things looking in at him.

My friend was a chronic liar about many things. I assumed he was lying about most of the stuff he told me. You will see later why I have come to believe all of it.

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:14 PM

The far side of the house was forbidding. He took me back to see it. In the middle of the house there was a giant room with a shelf full of fossils that his dad had collected. Lots of antique stuff. Animal trophies (heads) were all over the house, from one side to the other. Old bones of long dead animals.

He took me the furthest room in the house, which would later become his bedroom. It felt like a cave. Dark, cold, extremely quiet. The room right next to this was empty and had a barber chair and a mirror which his mother used to give haircuts. In the corner of this room, was the underside of a staircase which was situated outside in the hallway. It's hard to explain the makeup of this house, I'm telling you; because it breaks every common sense rule in architecture.

So instead of getting a headache, I'm going to stop explaining the layout.

We went back to his smaller room at the time and he told me how he and his friend had watched 'bride of chucky'. In one scene in that movie, a woman puts a chucky doll in a pentagram and chants something to bring him back to life.

My friend had tried the same thing with an M&M doll (lol). The doll moved and he and his friend stomped on it to pieces.

When he told me he did these kind of things for 'fun' I started to really understand the house better.

That night, my first night there, my friends parents drank themselves into a stupor and he called his brother up crying and asking if he could spend the night there instead. What a bummer house. I called my Dad to come pick me up and left that night, without spending the night.

The first thing I thought to myself was, "I am never going back to that house."

Who would have thought I'd have spent the next 4 years (and some of the better summers of my life) at that very ranch.

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:20 PM

About a year had passed. I visited the house once or twice. By this time my friend had moved to the far side of the house (the dark quiet place next to the barber room). This room was much bigger, but it was on the furthest opposite side from the living room where his parents spent all their time. Being a big house, we were pretty much alone back there.

One night, while spending the night (as I swore I never would), I started asking him about creepy things that happened at the house. He told me of the odd bumping noise here or there, of being spooked often... but he said he wouldn't tell me about other things.

I goaded him. I told him I am not afraid to hear of the story. He looked me square in the eye and said "I'm afraid to talk about him."

The 'him' was something he went through as a small child. He was about 5 years old, sleeping with his mom and dad in their bed, when he woke up to see a tall black figure standing next to the bed. He explained the figure as having an 'ice cream cone' shaped head, swirly at the top but not at all like a normal persons head. The being begin to slowly lean over the bed and his sleeping parents and spoke (telepathically I believe). He said, "If you move I will kill you and your parents. I will kill you." The being repeated this over and over to my friend for what felt like 3 hours to him.

So... my friend was pretty much held captive by a demonic entity at the age of 5 in his own bed while his parents slept on either side of him.

He begin to cry while telling me this story, and I told him he didn't have to say anymore. We both went to bed that night. He turned on his stereo really loud and blared Eminem music : a habit of his at the time. He needed loud music to go to sleep... I didn't understand why. Now I know it was to drown out the noises in the house.

As I lay there in the dark, Eminem screaming about raping and murdering his wife (what a lovely track that was) I begin to further understand that this house was under the hand of something dark...

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:30 PM

Summers came and went, we had friends over and lots of good times at that haunted house. There was nothing to worry about until night time came and it was time to go to sleep.

I would be on my friends couch which was in his room, while he was fast asleep on the bed. I'd be on the verge of falling asleep, everytime, something in the room would get knocked on the floor.

Not only was it a little scary, it was very frustrating and annoying. Whatever was there knew that I was not comfortable in the house and that it could mess with me. I was consciously aware of this presence and it was aware of me.

I kept trying to fall asleep over and over, everytime, something on his shelf or something in the hallway would fall on the floor or I would hear something else.

I would eventually find sleep and the next morning tell my friend. He really didn't care. This was something he dealt with every night for most of his life (hence the loud music habit).

In his opinion, I'm sure, I was lucky just to hear things and not see or be touched by them. I agree.

We had another friend over, his name was Shane. Shane was really funny, we were a good trio. One night, my friend was asleep in his bed and me and Shane were awake on the couch in the same room. I had my camcorder open and I was watching some of our footage from that day on the small LCD screen with Shane. The light from the LCD was the only light on in the room.

A funny part of the video played and we both laughed, Shane looked at me while laughing and then immediately went :eek:

He buried his face in his hands and started whimpering "TURN ON THE LIGHTS, PLEASE. DUDE TURN ON THE LIGHTS RIGHT NOW." I got up and turned the lights on and said "what did you see" (already knowing).

He told me he had seen an old, wrinkly, white face behind my head. When he looked at me to laugh, he saw the face look at him . I told him it was probably the image of my face burned into his retina because the LCD was lighitng my face and was the only light in the room. He wouldn't have it.

Neither would I ... I knew I was being a rationalist skeptic to save myself from being afraid.

We both sat in the room that night trying to go to sleep. Shane fell asleep before I did... leaving me alone with the presence, again. As I sat in front of my friends closet, awake, looking at Shane with envy for having left this place to dreamland... I heard clinking behind my head.

I looked behind me and the coat hangers in my friends closet were swiveling. I sighed... I was not only scared, but exhausted and tired of whatever this was messing with me.

I didn't sleep that night. I stayed up all night while whatever it was toyed with me.

Later, in my late teens, I told my father about these experiences. He told me I was lucky that I didn't bring anything back with me. I agree. I was in the trenches with these ghosts more than anyone else because everyone else had a tendency to fall asleep. I cannot fall asleep when something invisible is floating inches from my face.

I could feel a presence hovering over me while I tried to sleep, eyes closed. Almost like it wanted me to open my eyes so that it could scream in my face and frighten me. This is something my friend admits to having felt almost everynight.

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:36 PM

There were alot of funny incidents at that house too... good times.

I am the biggest person among all my friends, and they had a tendency to tell me to go 'check things out' whenever something strange was going on. Obviously, I got a macho ego boost from doing such things... but it begin to wear on me.

One day, my friend snuck out of the room and left a bunch of us in there, he snuck through the barber room and into the adjacent bathroom which was also connected to his bedroom. From inside the bathroom, he hid in the shower and poked open the bathroom door. As the door swiveled into the bedroom, no person behind it and thinking our friend was on the other side of the house, the whole lot of us screamed like little girls and huddled in the corner.

"Oh my God dude! Oh my GOD!" They screamed as they pushed on my back. "Stop pushing me!" I said, almost laughing. I wasn't really afraid... almost excited that they were getting to see some ghostly activity.

"DUDE YOU ARE BIG GO CHECK IT OUT!!!" :rolleyes: So I got up and ran towards the door and pushed it closed. It popped open again and I jumped into the air. I slowly moved around the door and there, in the shower, was my friend laughing into his hands :D This was his haunted house and if anyone was going to pull a prank... it might as well have been him.

I stopped being the 'watch dog' for everyone that night. Big or not, I had already dealt with enough.

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:40 PM

My friend had another friend, Kevin, who was a couple years older than us, move in at one point. Kevin took the room right next to my friends, ... the barber room... with the underside of the staircase.

One night, Kevin was gone and the couch in my friends room was getting cleaned or something. I had nowhere to sleep so my friend said I could sleep in Kevin's bed which was on the floor in the barber room. I didn't like the idea.

I went in and laid down, turned the lights off, and immediately heard something walking around in the room. I said "Is that you!?" and listened closely. My friend was already snoring in the other room.

*sigh* Why me?

"I can do this. I can sleep here. I'm not afraid."

Then I heard creeking on the steps of the staircase just outside the room. I jumped up and opened the door and ran into my friends room. I threw some blankets on the floor and slept as close to him as I could. If I had stayed in the barber room that night, I was going to have a close encounter and I was not at all down for that.

Later I told Kevin about what I experienced. He said, "There is definitely something there. I had to do a circle and a blessing in that room the first night... my mom is Wiccan and she taught me how to do that kind of thing."

Well, Kevin: it didn't work. But it was nice to know you felt the same thing.

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:47 PM

During a couple summers, I was actually spending every night at the ranch, and working there during the day. My friend was notoriously lazy and a late sleeper... I tended to wake up earlier and sit around by myself, bored.

One morning I was sitting on the couch reading when I heard clapping noises down the hall. It sounded like his father, maybe. Why would he be clapping? I walked into the hallway.

The clapping became a light 'ticking' sound. I followed it. It was coming from the staircase. At the top of those stairs, was an attic full of more fossils and animal bones, as well as old memorabilia from his deceased grandfather. We are still under the impression that a benevolent haunting from the grandfather is possible.

I stared up the staircase for quite a while. The clicking stopped. I walked back to the room... clapping noises again.

Oh well.

That night, me and my friend were sitting in his room in the dark watching T.V. laughing about and feeling just dandy :cool: as kids do.


Pounding, thundering footsteps... like a 250 lb. man in boots was stomping on the ceiling above us. Something was in the attic. We looked up and listened as we heard the bootsteps go from one side of the attic to another.

"Is that your Dad?" I asked him.

"Dude, you know my dad is passed out drunk. You know it."

"Yeah..." I looked back at the ceiling. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!" I yelled. My friend looked at me like I was crazy. "...don't."

A few seconds passed and the bootsteps continued. We both shrugged and carried on watching our show. It was interesting that whatever it was seemed to have stopped when I yelled at it. This was the most pronounced experience I have had in that house.

I may return to stories of the ranch if I recall anything else... but there's not much more.

Among the skeletons in the closet at that house was the fact that a drunken man had driven his car down a hill and crashed into one of the trees outside my friends bedroom, dying.

One night, while walking through t he fields at dark, smoking cigarettes, I saw a dark figure running along the edge of the fields. I knew it was the man who died that night.

metacomet 22-04-2009 06:54 PM

The next location was not more than 10 or 12 miles from my first friends house. It was the house of my friend, Ricky. This was not the haunted location... it was the field next to Ricky's house.

Me and Ricky were walking through the neighboring woods by his house, and we got to the topic of creepy subjects. He told me that he had seen animals in the woods that he can't explain... not normal animals.

Not far from his house was the house of his cousins. When they were little children, they would see glowing red eyes peeking through the windows. Things would come out of the woods to bother the house. One night, spirits ran through the entire house... hoofprints and animal sounds and screams from invisible things... Ricky said "they were probably just making it all up."

As we circled around the neighboring field through the woods, I pointed out the abandoned shack in the fields. A small cabin home left over from the early 1900's when reservation Indians were given shacks to live in.

"That place is mega haunted" Ricky said, matter of factly. I asked how he knew.

"That's blind Moses' house!" He explained.

Blind Moses was a well known Indian from the 'old days'. He passed in the early 1970's but everyone in town knew him. He was indeed blind, as they said someone had broken into his home (this exact shack we were next to) and gouged the poor Indians eyes out.

Ricky told me the story of Blind Moses getting his eyes gouged out when we heard something heavy crash in the shack. I looked at him with wide eyes. He nodded. It sounded like a refigerator getting tossed to the floor... in my minds eye, I knew what it was. We were talking about things we shouldn't have been talking about, and we heard the struggle of blind Moses being attacked.

We ran back to the house and he told me other stories. One time, he and his father were on horseback riding through the field and they came up on the shack. An abandoned, rusted, completely broken down 1940's truck sits in front of the shack. It's lights turned on and the horns blared, scaring the horses and Ricky and his father so bad that they raced back to the house.

Ricky found a noose and other unexplainable objects popping up at the shack. He says something wants him to 'play' there but he knew better.

I got a good up close look at the shack. It's full of garbage, the inside is completely trashed. There are no large objects inside. I don't know what we heard crashing that day, but the shack is in plain view from his house and I didn't like being there after that.

metacomet 22-04-2009 07:00 PM

The next location is my parents own house, which I spend alot of time at (right now even). Not much to talk about, but an old couple lived in this small house before my parents moved in, and when we did move in, I believe the old couple passed away.

The first year of living in this house I was only 6 years old and I don't remember anything strange. When I was 8 or 9... strange things happened... which leads me to believe the old couple passed 2 years after moving out (as I suspected) and were lightly haunting our home.

My little sister was only 5 years old when she sat up in bed screaming as her bedroom door opened and slammed shut over and over on it's own. My father ran into the room and asked what's wrong... she told him the flat out truth, as all kids do: and as all adults do: my Dad said there was nothing there, to go to bed etc.

Poor sis.

I inherited that room from her and she moved into a smaller room, where, at the age of 7, she swears she heard tiny shoes tip tapping down the hallway toward her door, pausing, then tip tapping back into my older brothers room.

What was in my older brothers room? A marienette doll.

I asked my older brother if he was pulling pranks on my sister. He told me he had heard things as well.

One night, me and my brother were both in our rooms and we heard tapping on the windows. I came out into the hallway at the same time he did to tell my Dad. We both got my Dad and he went outside to check the snow under our windows. No footprints.

Another night, I was walking back into my room which is at the end of the hall (energy pocket) ... I got the distinct impression that something was in my room. I slowly entered and the retractable curtain on my window spun itself up. It was startling... I stood and stared at it for a good while telling myself it was just coincidence, but I knew better.


metacomet 22-04-2009 07:03 PM

The final incident to occur in my house is spiritually profound.

I do not remember this time in my life, even though I was about 9 years old. I have the VAGUEST memory, but only of lying in bed with my mother and my brother and sister.

My father told me that one month, out of nowhere, myself, my little sister, my older brother and my mother fell sick all at once. Unexplainable fevers. We spent almost 3 days lying in bed together, trying to ward off the sickness. I do not remember this time, as I said.

My father said we were so sick he was afraid something was trying to take us away from him. He brought my uncle back to this house to do a smudging with sweetgrass... ancient Native American tradition that has been adopted by new age circles now-a-days. They blessed the house, did a prayer, and the next day my entire family was better.

Whatever occupied this house at that time and had been causing creepy occurences is now gone. Nothing strange has happened here for almost 10 years now.

metacomet 22-04-2009 07:07 PM

Oh, there was also another experience in this house before the smudging.

I was in the 3rd grade, spending my summers laying in my mom and dad's t.v. getting fat :D It was good times!

But one day... something felt off. I felt like I was being watched, watching t.v. I didn't like it.

The doorknob to the bedroom started to slowly turn. I could hear it jiggle. I got up and opened it, expecting to see my Dad (who was the only other person in the house at the time.)

I was extremely creeped out, more than ever even with the other occurences. I slowly walked back into the living room.

"Whatsup, dude?" My dad said.

"Nothing... just thirsty..." I walked into the kitchen and got a drink. I remember thinking to myself "Something is back there."

I put the drink down and went back to watch more t.v. The door begin to shake.

I hopped up and opened the door and called my Dad back into the room. He looked very concerned.

"Something is messing with the door..."

"Don't say that." He looked very stern.

We both stood there for a few seconds, father and son, listening. I knew what he was doing. He was feeling it out. Suddenly, a wind took over the outside of the house and begin to screech and wail. The windows shook. The door started to shake.

My Dad yelled "What do you WANT!? HUH!? What!"

I knew he wasn't yelling at me. This was the only time besides the smudging where I realized my Dad was not playing stupid and he himself knew something was up.

metacomet 22-04-2009 07:11 PM

The final incident I will write about it small, but significantly creepy.

I had another friend who lived in a loft above his house. It was carpeted and had an angled ceiling and all that... we've all seen such rooms.

He had a friend living with him who his mom was kind enough to adopt. They both told me how they would sometimes hear something coming up the stairs to the loft when nobody was there.

One night, as I slept in the room with them and two other people, I was (as usual) the only one awake.

*creak creak creak*

"No way." I thought to myself.

Yes way. I was laying down right next to the staircase while I had to listen to something walk up and down them over and over. I kept expecting to see a head pop up over the railing, someone coming up to see us or something... nothing.

I didn't have the courage to stand up and check out the staircase. I already knew it was empty, and that I was simply experiencing the same phenomena my friends had. I told them the next morning and they weren't surprised. They seemed at least happy that someone else had experienced it.

This concludes the massive summary of my ghostly and paranormal experiences. This doesn't include things I have felt/heard in the mountains or UFO sightings etc.... that's a different topic.

Thanks for readin!

jojo 22-04-2009 07:14 PM

wow what a great thread! your such a good story teller MC! you should write a book of short stories!

i rate this thread 5*

biblegirl 22-04-2009 07:35 PM

Fantastic stories!!!

What is the deal with staircases???

jojo 22-04-2009 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by biblegirl (Post 946601)
Fantastic stories!!!

What is the deal with staircases???

they are often favorite locations for spirits. My own stair case used to be haunted where i lived as a child.

its something to do with it being a none room, a space between spaces as it were. like a physical interdimentional space. it attracts energy of all sorts.

biblegirl 22-04-2009 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by jojo (Post 946606)
they are often favorite locations for spirits. My own stair case used to be haunted where i lived as a child.

its something to do with it being a none room, a space between spaces as it were. like a physical interdimentional space. it attracts energy of all sorts.

wow okay! i remember when i was a teenager staying at my best friends house...every time I had to take the stairs to the basement, I would hold my breath and run down them as fast as possible cause they creeped me out so bad...

jojo 22-04-2009 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by biblegirl (Post 946612)
wow okay! i remember when i was a teenager staying at my best friends house...every time I had to take the stairs to the basement, I would hold my breath and run down them as fast as possible cause they creeped me out so bad...

yeh, stairs are really creepy. many hauntings are reported on stair cases.

metacomet 22-04-2009 09:22 PM

Oh wow I've already got readers :D

Thanks, girls!

Absolutely right about the staircases, jo. Empty spaces with no activity inside them. Same reason that rooms which are dark and quiet all day tend to be spooky.

Having pets and/or little children running about a house creates great energy!!! The absence of such movement causes houses to be spooky!

limelady 23-04-2009 04:19 AM

Hi metacomet.....I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your accounts of phenomena.

Thanks for posting all this! :)

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