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doubtingthomas 17-02-2019 01:58 PM

Anyone read or heard J.B.Priestley's 'The Grey Ones'?
I first came across this story about 15 years ago,and was,as a long time (very) amateur researcher (since mid 90's) quite taken aback at the time at how on the ball this tale is.
No,it is obviously not totally accurate,it doesn't mean to be,but it does certainly ring true on a few levels,just like 'They Live' but a bit scarier!.

I am surprised that no other members have picked up on this tale,as well as James Herbert's last book 'Ash' seemed to of passed the members of this site by too,seeing as JH died just after the release of it...

Here is a link to a great audio version of 'The Grey Ones'...


Listen,and give me your thoughts!.

Sorry if this in the wrong place!.

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