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itam37 29-10-2018 01:14 PM

Society Matrix as telepathic community
This is really the topic people (Them) don't wanna talk about, cause their lives are built on t h I s.
Like D.Icke has explained, it is a pyramid : where all the secrecy is done in order to fool the common people, cause as much power as the the telepathic elite has, they
are always the minority.
Matrix is built by physical dependency (salary, position, benefits etc.) and by mind dependency---which is telepathic override of the person s brain.
The best example is the women who manipulate men to be dependent from them mentally...
Beside physical dependency there is mental override of our brain.
Telepathic elite (so to speak) has a hive mind : if you piss
Them off you will notice, that all of a sudden "everyone"
knows you...information passes instantly to all "controllers" of society (mental Matrix).
There is almost impossible to break really free---They own you.....and the teachings how to achieve freedom from The Matrix are too optimistic...
I wanted to bring IT up, because I ve been fighting this brainwash system successfully lately due to the changes
on our planet, which I guess is the rising of sc Shuman resonance--Earth vibrates on a higher level than just some years ago.

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