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realdeal 24-10-2008 03:27 PM

Craig Oxley's Views - General

chris 24-10-2008 04:02 PM


gullick 24-10-2008 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by realdeal (Post 580817)


You think thats bad?!?!?

This morning the Illuminati was mentioned on FOX NEWS!!!

lewi 24-10-2008 04:39 PM

Well there you have it well done a great post but one that will be lost in the archives of the forum thanks for finding this Gem !! :cool:

inferno 24-10-2008 05:48 PM

By the Gods!!! All conspiracy researchers are vindicated at last!!! ;)

uloodara 24-10-2008 06:02 PM


Funny song hahaha :D

seercirra 24-10-2008 09:46 PM

this is good.
i think the guy knew he just wanted to get that word. illuminati. in. maybe people will google it.

realdeal 16-11-2008 11:57 PM

Saudi arabia getting jaguars ready for something
17-11-2008 - inside information that saudi arabia has put in large contracts to start shortly with a certain u.k aerospace company! The contracts are to renew all their jaguar aircraft engine management electronic systems! Should start in a couple of months. All ready for june maybe? A ww3 to cover or come along with economic collapse? Remember the war will continue regardless of the soon to be depression. They will always keep the war going with their funny money. In times of old this would have had to stop. Not now! This is factual from an insider! Basically this was work which was never expected to come forth again. <craig oxley>

rhydra 17-11-2008 11:21 AM

Changes to the engine management systems, ready for an EMP attack? Why announce it?

stelios 17-11-2008 12:29 PM

Just the Saudi puppet dictators propping up our economy.
The planes use mainly UK pilots and i presume are only expensive museum pieces.

devotional soul 17-11-2008 04:34 PM

Hmmm, June is when troops are supposed to be moving out of Iraq, too. I found this on Saudi Arabia today:

Pirates seize Saudi oil tanker (Huge 318.000 tons vessel)

Monday, November 17, 2008
18:15 Mecca time, 15:15 GMT
News Africa

entrangermercenary 18-11-2008 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by realdeal (Post 618153)
17-11-2008 - inside information that saudi arabia has put in large contracts to start shortly with a certain u.k aerospace company! The contracts are to renew all their jaguar aircraft engine management electronic systems! Should start in a couple of months. All ready for june maybe? A ww3 to cover or come along with economic collapse? Remember the war will continue regardless of the soon to be depression. They will always keep the war going with their funny money. In times of old this would have had to stop. Not now! This is factual from an insider! Basically this was work which was never expected to come forth again. <craig oxley>

Its called an upgrade like when you get a new computer ;)

alfrmo 18-11-2008 09:58 PM

star of sirius
How about the situation with the Somali Pirates boarding the "Star of Sirius" which is owned by Saudi Arabia? I am sure the fact that the importance of the continued flow of Saudi oil is maybe more important than the lives of the poor crewmen running the vessel?;)

dangermouse 19-11-2008 12:02 AM

my bro works in saudi arabia and goes out on the piss with sheiks lol ill ask him to suss it out :p

drhemp 19-11-2008 09:17 AM

This sounds about right. The depression will of course not hurt those involved in the sick trade of weapons of death, torture and destruction. No doubt tax payers money will again also be used to subsidise British Aerospace.

If anyone hear hasn't already read Mark Thomas' book As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandella I would thoroughly recommend this excellent expose on the dirty dealings of British Aerospace with our corrupt lying Labour Government who are more than happy to bend the rules to facilitate the sale of otherwise banned weapons/ torture equipment to some of the vilest regimes on the planet. It's also a very funny book. I believe comedy is often the best way to expose liars and hypocrites and Mark Thomas does this in a very effective way.

realdeal 22-11-2008 12:20 PM

Lindsay Williams attacked by TRUTH
So first of all we hear everyone say that CIA agent, Lindsay Williams is never wrong and always right. Firstly we saw Senator John McCain lose the Election. Wether McCain will be handed it after a Birth "Maritime Admiralty" Certificate case later I don't know. Right now thats one downer for Lindsay. Notice how just prior to the election, Linday was trying to backtrack on McCain. He goes around talking about these all great powerful owners of the United States and that they control everything. Then when he was trying to backtrack he said but hey they don't always get what they want. Something like their not supermen. Hmmm isn't this a bit of hypocriscy? Well anyhow, so far he's completely wrong here.

The next pile of hogwash from Lindsay is that the big announcement of two oil fields would bring the oil down to $50. Well the oil has gone to $50 yes, but there is no announcement of any once secret oil fields. This may come though if stories of nukes in Artic for oil are true on the 17th of Novemberl. If so then it will be Artic oil and not Indonesia and/or Siberian oil as Lindsay spoke of.

What next?

Well we'll see CIA Williams back on CIA Jones controlled radioshow claiming "HEY I WAS FED DISINFORMATION TO DISCREDIT ME!" Thats what will come next, you mark my words. You may even see more pathetic CIA Jones shenanigans where they simply try to still claim he was right. You know where they say hey the oil went to $50 blah blah.

I heard Lindsay recently saying Dubai was having a tough time. Well maybe this is correct but I noticed on the T.V a different story was being shown. Of course the T.V may be trying to give a different impression of the truth but unless you go there you'll never know. We've seen all these $13000 a night hotels etc down there. Reporters claiming its not seeing any signs of the credit crunch. Well I'll leave this one open. The only thing is that people must be taught that this Dubai will be the Maltese Knights financial capital of the entire World. The City of London financial system and New York financial systems will be moved all into Dubai. I believe they may keep Switzerland as some form of safe guard. Mind you if the Pope isn't next to it any longer as he's ruling from Jerusalem, then they may just totally do away with Switzerland as well. So where will the power be in the end of all this? The West as is now? Of course not! It will be in ancient Canaan, Babylon along with the modern city of Dubai. Of course the first two are Israel and Iraq of today. Please note how the Vatican owns Jerusalem thanks to the Oslo Accord and Jesuit trained, Shimon Peres linked in the SMOM Middle Eastern Navigator, King Juan Carlos of Spain. So whilst agents of diversion try to hookwink you into believing Masons have took over Israel you know the real reason. All these changes in Israel are Rome controlled utilising their high level Freemasonry owned by the Society of Jesus now in charge of the Dragon since 1814. The same Society of Jesus who created the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The same Scottish Rite who's 32nd degree has the Jesuit motto 'Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.' The same Roman Gentile control of the Hofjuden Sabbatean Frankist, B'Nai B'Rith these agents claim rule the United States and World haha.

So whilst Lindsay "CIA" Williams constantly repeats he knows the rulers of the World. He knows jack! You know why? The rulers of the World do not reside in the United States or close by. The rulers of the World reside in a little place called Piazza del Gesù. Where is this? Located in Rome on the ancient land of Saturnia. Now housing the dreaded so-called Divine Serpant (Dragon) known as the Vatican. The same Vatican which has it's own sovereign state! Note their other sovereign power centers and you'll see, The City of London along with Washington D.C. Both dominated by Jesuit power pulling the strings. The same D.C founded by Jesuit trained Carroll and Pope Roman Catholics. Infact the land is of these two Roman Catholics. The same family of Carroll's who even founded the dreaded Georgetown University. The very University controlling the United States as a Jesuit Military Fortress. The most powerful Jesuit and man in the United States being Fr' Thomas H. Smolich the President of the Jesuit U.S Conference. The same Smolich who controls all the powerful Provincials of their United States. The same Smolich commanding from 'Little Rome' (Washington D.C). Lets not forget that little place called Piazza Farnese. Why? Well another most powerful Order is down there under the Divine Dragon. Who? A bunch of females called the, Ordine Del Santissimo Salvatore Di Santa Brigida. With their leadership being the Irpinian, Abbess General, Madre M. Tekla Famiglietti. The same Abbess who's controlled the same Order for the last whopping 29 (beast) years. How many puny U.S Presidents last this long? So maybe you should get down Lindsay to Connecticut and meet your female masters. Better still get down to Rome to the Casa di Santa Brigida WHQ.

So whilst Lindsay claims he's been around the rulers, he's living in a dreamworld. Lindsay when did you met Queen Elizabeth II? By the way even she isn't no where near the power of Rome she's subordinate to. Maltese Knight, David Rockefeller and Maltese Heinz Kissinger do not rule the United States. Until you stand next to the Jesuit U.S President, Jesuit Provincials and/or the SMOM Americas Navigator, Cardina Egan. Then you Lindsay Williams will be a nobody and full of nonsense and dreams. Cardinal Egan holds more power in his red 'Resheph' cloak than these figures you speak of.

Like Eric says, why does Lindsay not attack and highlight the Church of Rome? I thought he was a Christian? Seems he's gone the same way Rowan Shilliams has. Sucking up to the Whore and the beast. Why doesn't he tell you that the Vatican is of Lucifer? Why doesn't he tell you the Vatican is Anti-Christos and the Pope is an Anti-Christos? Why doesn't he tell you how the Pope represents the Pontifus Maximus going back to Nimrod? Known as Satan or the Planet Saturn? Why doesn't he tell you about ancient Saturnia? Interesting isn't it how we have all these Piazza's in Italy! Why is this? Well just look into Saturn and the Square and all will be revealed. Folks the Vatican is the Masculine and Feminine control of this planet working against true Biblical teachings. They are infact of the Satan and Lucifer mentioned in the true Bible. The worshippers of Saturn and Venus! The same Dragon of Lucifer veiling themselves as fighters of the devil with Jesuit soldiers exercising Djinns. All smokes and mirrors as usual to covert up what they really are. Where do we see this? We see this from their Hollywood controlled by the Mafiosi not Hofjuden slaves. We see for example that most popular 'The Exorcist,' why using Jesuit soldiers from Georgetown University of course.


realdeal 22-11-2008 12:48 PM


















realdeal 01-12-2008 05:44 AM

Hapsburg's &

andre wrote:
I do not know how to delete accounts, I don't think it's an option on phpBB. If you don't want to post anymore, don't post anymore. There is really no need for an emotional scene.

Interestingly enough, Vivian Vivaldi, personal friend of Leo Zagami (he sent me pictures of them together), threatened that if I banned you, he would "shut down my forum". He also sent me copies of Email exchanges he's had with you.

I don't know what that means, if anything, but I found it interesting and worth mentioning, as this whole Jesuit thing you are pushing is obviously part of a counterintelligence program, something which Vivian claims to be a part of.

Anyway, so long, buddy. I doubt anyone is going to miss you large font, all caps propaganda.
First of all, this is utter bunkum. Me and this Vivaldi have no connection whatsoever. I've dealt with Leo Lyon Zagami a little in the past. So I know Leo far more so. I'm not on great terms with either of these two as i've told them both I do not trust them. Only recently I said this to Vivian whos trying to push a Grey Pope. In my eyes a distraction from Adolfo Nicholas. I will not follow people invited to the House of Gesu, thats if he really was. I have no time for Jesuit strings on the bow.

So if this Viv has done what you claim then he's up to some weird Jesuit stringed agenda which I have no bloody clue of. I'm no bloody counter-intelligence anything, im intelligence period you moron of profanity! So if you've had any email exchanes of mine with him you'll be bored. Why? There was only two! One was to suss out what he was going on about the Grey Pope. Two how I distrusted him for his connections to bloody stinking Jesuit scum! So enjoy your mails or any faked mails this Jesuit agitator may have created haha.

If Viv wishes to discuss any of his actions and Jesuit connections etc with me then he can feel free to contact me. Like I say, I just cannot trust him right now. The Divine Dragon right now is trying all sorts to break up the NEW REAL REFORMATIONIST movement as I call it, full of TRUTHsayers free from profane bullshit.

So Andre enjoy! I will post just one more post below this. From my mentor and truthsayer, Eric Jon Phelps. Goodnight profane ones!

realdeal 01-12-2008 05:45 AM

I've just sat here and wondered if this is true then why would a Jesuit connected being protect me? Well I came pretty quickly to the conclusion that maybe we in the anti-Vatican movement are doing exactly what the Jesuit wishes? It may sound a little strange but the Jesuit is ultra sneaky and clever. Remember shortly they will destroy their Pagan-Mithra-Nimrod-666 false version of Christianity. I believe that us exposing them sits well with them as it will aid in the destruction of their old system ready for the new? So do we think the Dragon may be using us to further their 'Great Work' to supposedly bring about God's Kingdom on Earth? These people are sneaky ones thats for sure. Well I will continue to oust the Dragon even in it's new clothing coming soon from Jerusalem. My battle isn't against Roman Catholism, but the Dragon behind it following Queen Semarisis witchcraft.

realdeal 01-12-2008 05:45 AM

The only ever email received from Hapsburg, Vivaldi 3:


Vittorio Vivanus Vivaldi III 26 SEP 2008:

Ciao Craig,

Well, all of the 'original' popes were all related to
each other by blood. There was a 'Pope' and a 'holy
roman emperor'. The Pope was the supreme leader, but
the emperor was his bureaucratic side-kick, and they
didn't always agree with each other.

If one wished to find out who the 'real' leaders of
the Vatican are, all they would need to do is find the
surviving families of the original popes. These are
not your usual ignorant Italians who don't speak very
good English. They are very aristocratic bloodlines
and are internationalists. Many are friends of mine.
They spend most of their time in India and China these
days. Nobody is in Rome anymore.

I think it would be wise to purchase a Pope
encyclopedia or a mini list of Popes. This links it
all back to Egypt as well. I have been inside the
Vatican and Jesuit Libraries
. I also belong to a
Association of Sacred Music, and am a member many
nobile orders like Leo.

Leo is a Stuart, I am a Hapsburg. It is a very
insteresting subject to study your own bloodline. You
need to find out more about yourself as well.

The Grey Popes are part of the Arcana Arcanorum, which
is the highest masonic ritual in existence.

Good Luck! I hope my interviews with Phil will be up

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