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mannybash 19-01-2018 01:19 PM

Topsy turvy
Suppose there are two kinds of people generally speaking. There are technicians and by that I do not mean merely scientists but in short anyone in whatever field that is geared more to technique than creativity. For example an opera singer whose sound is great but does not put feeling into their singing. And then there are creative those more interested in emotion and originality than technique.
Now we have had two female monarchs over the past two hundred years reigning for great periods. It is is believe reasonable to suggest that there has been a great many problems during these periods. That in itself is nothing new but perhaps the extent is. It seems fair to suggest that we live in an age where creativity is struggling to get out. So let's assume for the sake of argument that the technical influence was the queen. We could assume that when Victoria reigned the reverse was true. Let's say that some invisible hand was trying to reverse history. In the normal course of events you build first that is technique and add creativity later. You have to have certain building blocks in place first. What has happened is that this process has been interfered with by some unknown influence resulting in constant strife for most people. I would appreciate your thoughts on this

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