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haukipesukone 12-06-2010 02:07 AM

Reptilians from another dimension seem very real
This is the DI forum so this sort of statement isn't mind shattering stuff. And there's the reptilian forum where this should be. That's why I'm posting this in General, to point out that how this isn't just some abstract aspect of Icke's work. It's something which seems to be very real and something we should understand and tackle.

I've had a lot of doubts about the role of reptilians and what Icke says about them, until just now. Before I guess I sort of couldn't get over the idea that reptilians are something like this:


Haven't seen many of them around. Reptilians, as far as we are concerned are non-corporeal and affect your dreams and emotions subtly. I don't know where Icke gets that they are from the lower 4th dimension, but they seem to exist in a different dimension.

After doing a lot of dot connecting it suddenly started to make sense. Combining things like Icke's and other researchers work, particularly their obsession sexual perversion, random myths, medieval devil descriptions, William Blake's Flea, and personal experience. They have led me to believe that those spiritual parasites do exist, they do affect us. Probably much more than we can imagine. But best of all we can fight them.


Blake's Flea

I have zero "scientific", rational or logical basis to believe in reptilians. Yet it feels very reasonable to believe in them. Perhaps I was suddenly hit by a ray from the orbital mind control lasers. Maybe I'm crazy. But you know what, the end result is the same. Whether or not reptilians are affecting me now, they won't be doing it soon. If I'm delusional then job done. No reptilians there. If I'm not it'll take some effort to evict them, but I'll do it.

I believe I was attacked by a reptilian in a dream just now. But I could fight back. I was conscious of the possibility they might be there when I went to sleep. Although my mind was asleep, my consciousness was vigilant. Therefore I was able to administer the dream fist at it. Fuck fear (drink beer) and kick some reptilian ass if they haunt you.

I don't quite believe they're behind all the manipulation and conspiring going on in the world. They don't seem smart enough.

pound 12-06-2010 02:37 AM

Good post, albeit one that has been discussed plenty of times on here before, nevertheless I never really tire of discussing the subject!
Just yesterday I was out scoring through piles of records at a local DAV doing my usual routine of searching for listenable vinyl records. Everytime I come across an album cover containing some sort of Reptilian imagery I usually make it a habit to pick it up just for the aesthetic and sentimental value. The album cover was this by a guy named Walter Murphy:


Its funny how when I wasnt as well read or informed on the subject of Reptilians (and many other areas of study) how all of this Reptie symbology and the countless subtle references in everything from TV commercials to movies and advertisements would always escape me and never quite ring my alarm so to speak as to how something strange was going on here (planet Earth), nevertheless looking back in hindsight with a keener eye the general public, us....have always been constantly immersed in this coded, anagolous imagery that makes up our everyday reality.
To paraphrase the English Astropyshicist Fred Hoyle (which Icke mentioned in 'The biggest secret') who announced to a London press conference in 1971, "The world is controlled by a force that can manifest in many forms, they are everywhere. In the sky, in the sea and on the Earth". The implications are quite frightening, but I think Hoyle was referring to the Hybrid bloodlines :eek:


This excerpt from 'The biggest secret' concerning Dr. Arthur David Horn is also quite frightening:


Dr Arthur David Horn, a former professor of biological anthropology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, once believed emphatically in the Darwinist version of human evolution, the slow development of the human species via the principle of the survival of the fittest. Purely on the weight of evidence and his own experience, he is now convinced that humanity was seeded by extraterrestrials and that a reptilian race has controlled the planet for thousands of years and continues to do so today. This is my own view, although I have taken a very different life path to reach those same conclusions. Dr Horn’s research is detailed in his excellent book, Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins1 in which he suggests that the ones the Sumerian Tablets call the Anunnaki are this reptile race, another point with which we agree.


In summary, yup Im convinced they exist ;)

haukipesukone 12-06-2010 02:45 AM

I'm just wondering how common are they. Do they sap strength from your family a friends? Few days ago a Chinese friend who's in Japan told me she has trouble sleeping lately. Could it be due to reptilian influence?

I've been posting this video around. It was mentioned on this forum. What really got to me was the bit where Bartley refers to how reptilian hybrids and normal men react differently when they see a pretty woman. Hybrids are like "yeah, I gotta have her, rawrr" and normal people just appreciate her beauty.

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