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illuminumnuts 01-03-2019 08:52 AM

Arthurian purity of soul seen vividly emanating from Westminster.

Originally Posted by lewi (Post 1063059893)
I do not understand the so called rise in antisemitism I see no evidence of this, Jewish people in the UK seem happy enough to me.

There is no evidence to see, as it is doesn't exist. If anyone wants to get their head round all of the bullshit, then they need only ask themselves a very simple question. How many actual prosecutions of so called 'anti-semites' have there been? Why was Ken Livingstone never even charged with anything? The answer is that the PTB know they would invariably fail in court, so they just use their mass media goons to try and foster a false air of 'anti-semitism' in the consciousness of the U.K. public. They viciously attack anyone they don't like and always seem to use the term 'row' for some reason. A handful of psycho journalopes relentlessly pursuing someone under the orders of a handful of psycho PTB muppets, with no evidence of any wrongdoing, is a 'row' is it? It sounds more like an 'extremist attack' to me. :Luv Heart:

And another thing, this conflation of 'anti-semitism' with Brexit is totally bizarre. The 'anti-semitism in the Labour Party' narrative has been propagated ever since Corbyn has been in charge. Yet these noble M.P.'s only decide to leave the party a few weeks before Brexit is due to take place? No, the truth is that the only reason they are leaving the party now is purely down to Brexit. :rolleyes:

Len McCluskey made me laugh, when he queried why they weren't all standing in by-elections immediately. Personally, I think it should be mandatory for any M.P. that leaves a party to take part in a by-election. Anyhow, yes, I am sure Luciana 'Sovereignty' Bergler's constituents are all chomping at the bit to swiftly reelect her, with an even greater majority than she has already. Bye Luciana. :lol:

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