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ambler1980 08-07-2011 06:23 PM

Disability insurance for ascension symptoms???
Some of you may be experiencing ascension symptoms such as headache or head pains, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, forehead pressure, heart palpitations, etc (http://www.maya12-21-2012.com/ascens...ml)...I've experienced these for years. Every time I see a doctor they say nothing is wrong with me. I've even been to the emergency room when I get hit hard with it...I don't like to take any chances, but I always feel silly afterward and regret it, though it is best not to take any chances.

Anyway, for those of you familiar with the mayan calendar and the 9th wave, you may be experiencing heightened ascension symptoms. I have. In the last few days, really ever since the start of the 4th day I've been getting hit MUCH harder and relentlessly. Today I feel particularly awful...to the point where I'm seriously considering getting checked out again. These last 3 eclipses are partly to "blame", as eclipses bring any "problems" to light and force you to deal with them. But I'm experiencing the same symptoms as before, only much stronger.

This has seriously affected my ability to hold down a job. I once worked at a retail clothing store several years ago and got some terrible dizzy spells, mostly when there was a long line and impatient customers...it was as if I could feel their impatience and it made me crazy. Some days I can barely stay out and about, I start getting dizzy, forehead pressure, and just feeling plain weird, and I have to go back home and lie in bed for a while. How can you tell a doctor you're having ascension symptoms...or try and file a disability claim because of ascension symptoms...they'd laugh and think you were some crazy, new age nut. Our society is too brainwashed to take any of it seriously, although it IS a well known and common phenomenon for people to be feeling sick and there is nothing physically wrong with them.

I even used to feel physically revolted by people, literally sick from being around their stupidity and ignorance. This has been unbelievably strong lately. Also at the start of the 4th day I've gotten extremely sensitive to foods and drinks to the point where I can't really eat much right now. Whenever I eat something I feel an intense body shift, like my body wants to reject it, its very noticeable. I'd feel this a bit before, but now it's VERY intense and very uncomfortable. I have to watch what I eat now very carefully.

I haven't had a job in almost 2 years now because it's too dabilitating. I even worry that this might affect my growing film career, though I know I do have a future in movies. But right now I am seriously getting pummeled with these symptoms. How can one survive and take care of themselves if these ascension symptoms are preventing them from doing that???

jconnar 08-07-2011 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by ambler1980 (Post 1060021305)
How can one survive and take care of themselves if these ascension symptoms are preventing them from doing that???

You might be interested in this website.


march1990 09-07-2011 07:49 AM


Hi Ambler :)

I myself have experienced your situation since October 2010 (anything significant about that date anyone?! i can't find anything..)

anyway after a couple of hard months of being sure I was about to expire on the spot, I've now learnt to accept the symptoms and am able to cope far better than I did. The above website is a great help for explaining the physiology of certain symptoms and it helps you feel more 'in control' and understanding of something that certainly DOESN'T feel like it is under your control lol.

I'm not saying I think you're "depressed" or anything, I certainly wasn't when my first 'attack' struck, infact I was quite happy but interestingly I was near someone in great distress (I'm a Midwife and was with a young girl who was terrified in labour) I have wondered a lot why I'm experiencing the symptoms I do, I think it may be a mix of ascension and stress thrown in with a valuable life lesson of now being able to empathise with people in panic (Which helps with my job!!)

Have a read of that website, make sure youre eating regularly (hypoglycaemia can be a bitch!) and ability to cope with whatever is coming your way will much improve :D


whiterain 09-07-2011 03:15 PM

they would probably just diagnose you with some kind of social anxiety thing. if its still too much for you to handle mate then it may be something that they can actually help you with. i know people get help with benefits if they are seriously depressed and similar so i dont see why you wouldnt get any assistance if you really need it

jjeanjeane 09-07-2011 07:26 PM

[QUOTE=jconnar;1060022106] I think im on the same track as you in that i beleive that alot of people are experiencing K symtom's! what say you! jj

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