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matteria 08-06-2013 03:46 PM

the waking nightmare
I had another nightmare last night, but it was perhaps the most familiar one ever and I woke up before any real damage was done. It's that nightmare where an entity creates the illusion that you are waking up from where you are sleeping in your room, but for some reason your eyes remain shut - or rather you feel a force overpowering your ability to keep them open. Most people panic in this situation, particularly because glimpsing the environment in which the nightmare takes place is (almost) identical to the one you are sleeping in, creating an illusion that it's really happening to your physical body... but it ain't! The entity is trying to convince you your mind is being controlled while you wake up, when in fact you are only having a dream about waking up. I've had this nightmare many times before and in the past it has scared me half to death, but now I know that it's all fake and they have no real power over me. And yes, I'm posting again because chances are the reader has also had nightmares like this before... so before you go to sleep, keep reminding yourself that all dreams are illusions; especially the ones that make you feel powerless.
It's unnerving how my consciousness keeps getting caught up with these extremely depraved entities... tbh I almost feel sorry for them. They can't seem to figure out that I have risen above their tricks, but worst of all they keep trying to suck the light out of people. It's sad... Instead of having friends and partners in the astral realm, I keep running into sadistic tools who I wouldn't trust with a rubber shoe.
Anyway everyone needs to stop eating meat, dairy, and gmos.

j35p3r4d0 09-06-2013 04:24 PM

Yep, i had a dream like this a month ago.

I would be waking up in my room, and my eyes wouldn't stay open, and i dreamed waking up maybe 4-5 times then i did wake up.

I was not afraid, i told some blokes at the pub about it.

Not all dreams are illusions, however that dream was.

Eat meat, drink a2 milk, but don't ever eat GMO.

j35p3r4d0 09-06-2013 06:06 PM

what i remember was it was like something was stopping my eyes from opening properly and it seemed like i was awake.

I wouldn't consider it was a nightmare though because i was not afraid.

i had a similar thing when i was awak and smoking lots of marijuana i would be inside my house and go for a drive outside and the light was too bright and i couldn't keep my eyes open and they would water lots.

another time when i was sick with a disease that would make my eyes water.

no joke it benefits the reader you posting that, i patrol here for subconscious matters in the psychic section.

elshaper 02-01-2019 08:45 PM

Year of the Code
2019 Dreams come True or a Night MARE (Horse)


I'm nearly there. I'm at where neo was seeing millions of agent Smith before start decoding....really literally. *facepalm*

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