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birdontheway 24-04-2009 12:01 AM

Codex Alimentarius: stunning details of Bill C-6
The stunning details of Bill C-6
April 16, 2009 by Mi Kai Lee


This could affect all Canadians, especially property and business owners.

On January 29, 2009 Bill C-6 passed first reading in the House of Commons. It is a bill to replace the Hazardous Goods Act, which in the opinion of most analysts is perfectly adequate and does not need replacing.

This is a Draconian proposal that, if adopted into law, would not only violate constitutional rights, property rights, search and seizure rights, and a whole range of lesser rights. It would also introduce a broad set of administrative provisions that could affect almost every area of life or business, without oversight by Parliament. In fact, with few exceptions, Parliament would be explicitly excluded from having any relationship with this legislation after enactment. This would have the effect of transferring power from Parliament to Health Canada, as well as transferring some areas of provincial jurisdiction, such as property, to Ottawa.

In a nutshell, it sets a precedent for completely rewriting the rules of society, transforming Canada from a democracy (sic) based on common-law principles (except Quebec) into a Roman state based on maritime law, or at best a Napoleonic code.

This is not to be laughed at or poopoo’d as ‘conspiracy theory’. It is real and it is happening now right before our closed eyes. And you know that without very loud noises from the backbenchers (and often with it) the government always gets its way. Not a single one of us can afford to sit back and let the next guy do it.

Bill C-6, like an earlier attempt last year (C-51), masquerades as consumer safety legislation — but it is much more than that in its implications. It is written such that almost anything could be deemed by Health Canada to be a safety issue, invoking arbitrary administrative actions like seizure of property without explanation and without recourse to the courts or to the Minister.

Your home could be entered or your property trespassed on without a warrant and without criminal liability. Some basic principles of common law and criminal law have been explicitly extinguished in the bill.

When I said “Draconian” I was not exaggerating. Administration of the legislation would be completely at the arbitrary whim of administrators in Health Canada. These new totalitarian police powers could even be outsourced to private contractors.

Under the legislation, consumer items include things that you may freely give to family, friends or neighbors. If Health Canada wanted to stick its nose into your life, it could theoretically prevent you from baking that chocolate cake for your neighbor’s birthday without first having it approved (at great cost). The only thing not clearly a consumer item would be something you make for yourself, plus a few exempt items like pharmaceutical drugs.

Yes, it is really that bad, and we really need to raise our voices on this one.

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