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jglee430 12-12-2018 01:42 AM

Human Being Is A Government Company!!!
(8) "person," "he" and "actor" include any natural person and, where relevant, a corporation or an unincorporated association;"- Model Penal Code Section 1.13

To be a crime under the Model Penal Code, there must be an actor and an organization. The actor does the commerce on behalf of the company.

1 USC 8 state that infant members are allowed members of this limited liability entity called a human being.

The infant members means that this governmental organization allows under 18 years old homo sapiens to join. In corporate shareholder, the shareholder has to be 18 years or older.

Once you are over 18 or 21 years old, the infant membership becomes adult membership. The membership makes you the beneficiary of the human being. The liability falls on the managers of the human being.

“Person” means a human being or a legal person, including a government or a nongovernmental organization, including any scientific, professional, business, nonprofit, or public interest organization or association that is neither affiliated with, nor under the direction of, a government."- Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 14-25-15-1

"E. "person" means any human being or legal entity, whether incorporated or unincorporated, including the United States, the state of New Mexico or any subdivision thereof; "-NMSA Section 30-1-12

The comma means the human being or legal person containing these entities as members or shareholders. The human being is an organization that has these shareholders or members.

If there is no comma, the legal entity or person will be the only one that contains these entities are shareholders.

Since there is a comma after the legal entity, the human being or the legal entity has the United States, the state of New Mexico or any subdivision thereof as the manager of the human being.

The human being only exist on paper. Paper cannot do anything. So there must be an agent. The agent is the one conducting the business on behalf of the dead entity which is the human being.

First degree murder involves an abortion. The killing of the human being involves the consumption or sale, or purchase of the unborn fetuses inside the entity called the human being.

There are sperm and embryo banks that deep freeze sperm and embryo for implantation.

The cops arrest the man or woman for being a officer (agent) of the human being. The agent is the one going to jail. The human being which is paper gets warehoused.

The state stole your name when you were born and the state formed a human being (entity) without your knowledge. The human being enjoy limited liability. The human being members never see a day in jail. The agent is the one that goes to jail for the members of the human being.

To be a member of the human being, the homo sapiens must be born and alive. A corporation or government cannot be a member of the human being. The corporation or government can come in to manage the human being.

The State is the managing executor of the human being. Only the members of the homo sapiens species can be the beneficiary members.

jglee430 12-12-2018 02:50 AM

The human being is like a trust. The trust consist of the grantor, trustee, and the beneficiary.

The grantor of the human being is unknown. The managers are the trustee. The state is acting as trustee of the human being. The lowest manager is the actor. The beneficiary is the infant members.

jglee430 12-12-2018 02:58 AM

The operation agreement for the human being prohibits persons (fictions) to be beneficiary of the human being. The born alive rule is to prohibits fictions from being beneficiary. The live man that survived birth is the only one allow to be the member.

eurosianguy 12-12-2018 07:45 AM

The blue Man is the chest. The womb is the Challis, you have received the embodiment of Christ through the ship. The red postbox is the spirit of a company turned into man.

jglee430 15-12-2018 01:01 AM

The person is an estate that contains the Eucharist of Christ which is the corpse.

The commerce is the trafficking of these Eucharists. Each Eucharist have a different value. The human being contains the snake and man hybrid version of the Eucharist.

For trafficking Nitrous oxide, the Nitrous oxides are the Eucharist of Adam. Adam sounds like Atom. The human being contains the Nitros oxide. It is a gift to you. The sale without a license is the cause of the crime.

The infant members are the eucharist. That is you. The you is one of the self which is the fetus. The "I" is the ego. The ego is the egg.

jglee430 15-12-2018 11:42 AM

The word "person" means the way of the son. The way is the estate. The son means the sun of God. A person is a fiction on paper. It needs an actor to do the transaction.

This fiction is restricted to the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. Since it is a fiction on paper, and it can only contains the sun of God, it can only buy and sell the Last Supper which is the sun of God.

Anything that is not the sun of God is put into the fiction called a person will no longer be a person. The fictional nature of the person limits the actors transaction to buying and selling the sun of God.

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