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cinder_darkskys 08-07-2018 01:17 AM

Hi all. I place this post here to start under ;


David Icke's Official Forums > Main Forums > The Global Awakening

How ever this is a free flow topic ; quick flow image video broad spectrum topic base on a fresh perspective universal global awakening.

Free flowing ; mean the admin may choose to place this tread in a more suitable topic based on it current direction.

U2 - Bullet The Blue Sky (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2017)

curly works n all joint work may be moved to his thread or any other on site to make his points.

Why is curly ownership so important ; As i said people do not see the images I show for what it is. You see what your eyes tell you there.

Every single image i have produced every glyph chain is a page in a book. What dose that mean every 1 image i have shown is a book more then 1.

Its one the main reason i choose education.

Trusting your gut.


Some of these image's i have look for long time like John Lemon I been throw 1,000's I am sure. like this image I believe i pulled on line around 1998 @ 500 pixel. But i still kept looking. i pump it up to the site's current max. but bigger is always better from the start It why i when throw so many.

This image stay with me year after years.

This is a BW an very very monotone. so it was about 16 to 24 colors so basically all shading. Notice how balanced his face is.

John viewed God like a monster an unlike most artist The truth was his music.

The sarcastic joker quickly laid wast to act of inhmanity. John concern were for people. his wealth n fame never sit right with him.


Down to Earth kind of person. HE cared about people. an the horrifying acts we do to one another. Throw peace he could work.

Animal an other such critters are part of the life cycle To him if a human life was saved. so would the critters.

The lier in John was his joker, The sarcastic joker.

His center was his loved ones an friends



Kais_one 08-07-2018 07:12 PM


cinder_darkskys 08-07-2018 07:28 PM

John when out of his way..... to disrespect. some who claims to honorable n is not. Claims to have religious belief or faith Those unworthy of the station they entrusted with. So much so he would pis on there heads

When he was in india he was different person. he knew what they ware talking about. The mountain God is basic teaching in his day. Imprinted. the program that can not be escaped

If it didn't sit right in basic reality. sexial missconduct he would blow it off as BS. In his mind eye. That physical that monster is where. Testing an Judging him. every where. Its so terrifying to him. Because it so beyond his control. It cant be fixed with money. it can only be fixed with people


your welcome enjoy the imagery. an pass on what you learn



Steppenwolf - The Pusher (1968) HQ

These were 1st posts on FB publical

I was talk to a good friend setting up this new project.

You know how closely this site is monitored. i'm not taking government here. Just shit suching coration's. Within 24 to 48 hour my FB = flagged with a 1 obscure low brow image I don't own. telling the truth about politic. after me explaining why I haven't been on my Fb. since. But I had I had quickly logged on to my FB after i fixed my puter just 2 months before where there were no flags.


His Joke The Mad character. I think he was a collector maybe of the Mad mags ether way its still kewl

David there .a... has this magical thing... scratch head cyber thing. HE calls it......

John Lennon - Cold Turkey - Lyrics

the Freedom bar..
Trinkets an bobbles . I would suppose...

Yup he would known just what they were talking about in india. an been respectful. after all he is a cluteral embasor n 1 of the 1st international rock super star

John Lennon - Oh Yoko! - Lyrics


the Freedom bar..
these are the rules. that I work with in.


Skys Peace

Kais_one 09-07-2018 01:15 PM


cinder_darkskys 10-07-2018 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by Kais_one (Post 1063030189)

it's easy to see the world with throw eye's of an art. The drama presented viewing the throw illusion about the world an the people that leed us.

While things seem so apparent to us. As a human we have no way of knowing how apparent it is to another. example ; Why someone would even want to attack a place like Yemen. what would the end result once yemen is taken. Would you stop attack or move to the next target. Gole here is food an water in yemen case. But the over all goal is an direct access to the cellphone industry.. They known for 50 years fossil fuels are obcellet. It pay better.

These are the seconds that test our resolve as thinking feeling humans. It test's our character. an what we mean to one another as a whole peoples .

A Horse With No Name - America (Lyrics)

The only way we get to the star's is as a whole. The only possible to survive a planetary catasphy n live. is in space.

That only 1 thing. PEACE. And standing armies cost big coin. an that builds hour by hour day by day. for every army in the war.

that distortion compils again as they shuffle off on people. once it hit that breaking point. it all comes crashing down on them.

did u notice. there no expression of hate. strain yes but hate no.
The difference between punishment n justice

it really only goes 2 ways with people get to that braking point is hit. some one lose's there head, or is hanging by rope. to the mob.

Skys Justice is not blind. But you are right the drama clouds our minds eye

cinder_darkskys 11-07-2018 09:20 PM


[GMV] Radioactive


Watching The Wheels - John Lennon


hmmm looks like he was some kind of witness.

that explains a lot about the drugs. n has to do with christian, redemption, throw self sacrifice. Like Priest wiping him self for the sin's of other.......

I get the impression that some one he was close with. Or he loved or high respected friend may have put it to him. In abouts that way only in stead of sin of another. its was sins of the world. It would of end like this. You can not fix every thing John.


Someone he was with or a very closest friend or th love of his life. may heard him say something like this ; At times' you know it feeling. I am not writing the music. In fact it was him but.... maybe he got a little help from friends.

John Lennon - Imagine

1 or both parties may have expressed. When they getting back together. probably both agreed. an expression some kind of intervention. I would describe as getting home in order. a choice between life an death maybe.

If John wiped his ass with money. It would not be, because he had more money then God. It would be because it was unclean. an that where n how it should be used.

Sky's fucknuts hahahaha Tff
:peace::Luv Heart::rose::rose::rose:

cinder_darkskys 13-07-2018 01:47 AM


[GMV] Wanderer



Best High Speed Flyovers

cinder_darkskys 15-07-2018 10:35 PM




The Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone 1972 Single Version



Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue (Lyrics)


Lou Reed - Sweet Jane (Best live version)




Lucy (2014) - Brain usage 50-60% - Cool/Epic Scenes [1080p



fudgetusk 16-07-2018 12:48 PM

Does this ever begin to make sense? Just asking before I give my limited time to it.

cinder_darkskys 16-07-2018 10:29 PM

yea my old friend fugetty.

I was having trouble with a post to Curly.

Sorry Fugetty Es gibt keinen Google-Übersetzer für sprechenden Drachen.

Warren Zevon
Werewolves Of London

Why its was on that very subject.

about strangely enough It was on how the older generation might view technology achievement as Evillll. Vs how a younger person might view it all very different.

AC-DC Thunderstruck / Jet Fighters

Still waiting for me to die are you.
So your evil empire will prevail or something like that. Why don't you just come an kill me your self. I die like any one else don't I.

Resident Evil Movie Intro HD

bit extreme but sum up site probably used for development 2 years ago.

Once Curly passed by they would of packed up n continental some where else. They know him he is considered an asset to the UK.

See that bottom image The Queen believes in love even at her age She believes in it. So much so she cut off. any ones dick an balls. Who even try to mess with her kingdom. She is the head of her Church. that is the device she would use. in front of her face. probably right around that place.

I should put an image here but i think might misunderstood at this time.

Right now fudgetusk Curly is showing images 100's of times far more dynamic an over time. then the image images i have picked so far. He say's go for it Skys. Because he not afraid of his friend. Honor is all we know.

fudgetusk maybe these images are for the next king. They don't have be understood by you or any one at all. Maybe they only have to be understood by the one's who have to know.

for the really hard of think Curly probably found the next Brit bird in development. an more. We get this great top view an the bottom in a smaller image. an a very sweet front view. we don't get see her tiny hiny.. We see by her angle's she stealth has a Her wings an drive train make her special it seem. This would all make the Queen excited. an the plane may even be out or in production. coming soon as they say

The other 3 would not.

My self fudgetusk I'm not here to give up. anyone's or nations national surrity. Or to start protest or wars. It not what me or someone like curl is in this for. It was never about what general people value ; like money. Money is just part of a small equassion. Curly did not think of the millions he might make while posting for 10 years. He thought about how he might better teach 1 or may be 2. something they might not imagined possible. Not only possible but repeatable It happen then it happening now. Not only is happening right this second but he can track it. Not only that my friend but may be possible to say track something like say a NUKE gone missing

Honestly I have to say ; it's fuckin briant.

fudgetusk People see only what they want. what best suit them. Some people are not meant to see at all. My dad is like that. That's kinda what faith is about. An the difference between faith n beliefs

My Name is Nobody (1973) — Bird, Cowpie, & Coyote Story

Skys Why John Lennon give peace a chance. my friend

cinder_darkskys 19-07-2018 09:21 PM

Little review n update for me.
As i said i'm not a priest or holy man.
I take in the world based on the fact at hand.

Church of England
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I can only go back an correct my mistake.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A child is not judged on the sins of there father or mother. A person sin's are there own.


cinder_darkskys 20-07-2018 08:45 PM

Queen Victoria
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1840. Their nine children married into royal and noble families across the continent, tying them together and earning her the sobriquet "the grandmother of Europe". After Albert's death in 1861, Victoria plunged into deep mourning and avoided public appearances. As a result of her seclusion, republicanism temporarily gained strength, but in the latter half of her reign, her popularity recovered. Her Golden and Diamond Jubilees were times of public celebration.


I'll have a look at that please P.W. thank you. We don't want any one to pock out the wrong eye do we.

Victorian morality

Victorian morality is a distillation of the moral views of people living during the time of Queen Victoria's reign (1837–1901), the Victorian era, and of the moral climate of Great Britain in the mid-19th century in general. Many of these values spread throughout the British Empire. Historian Harold Perkin states:

Between 1780 and 1850 the English ceased to be one of the most aggressive, brutal, rowdy, outspoken, riotous, cruel and bloodthirsty nations in the world and became one of the most inhibited, polite, orderly, tender-minded, prudish and hypocritical. The transformation diminished cruelty to animals, criminals, lunatics, and children (in that order); suppressed many cruel sports and games, such as bull-baiting and cock-fighting, as well as innocent amusements, including many fairs and wakes; rid the penal code of about two hundred capital offences, abolished transportation [of criminals to Australia], and cleaned up the prisons; turned Sunday into a day of prayer for some and mortification for all


These are the seconds in time. the here and now. And the difference between the UK EU reinforcement and the whole world. In understand why and how and the importance of faith and belief. an the Ability to dream. Of something better not for one own self. but for every one.


We'll probably never get to see the whole set of glyph chains. because of the shifting of the sands of time. here in the above image. we see a seal or stander. an its just a piece. because of the importance we can see 2 reversed flint locks.
A road basicly.
We see 2 man around 1 man. an not a women. The Queens beliefs were in a man. an he described as the hat man the unnamed one, in the image.

out side of the hatman We see 2 people face out. as if reading a page out a book. Missionaries send out to spread the word say Nobels little crown an the flint lock still flint lock be come crutches.. the heads facing out become watchs. Shepherd....


These 2 are here to define clarity of this section
In Prue Glyph below basic above. Both are clear.

I had a lot trouble with this section. Not with honest but, how to place an word what i was showing. based on curlys work. Knowing the rumors and miss behavior of nobles.

As I say we have nutters in the closet. Just look at that asshole Fucknutz. Op's i digress. No third person.


In this image we see why she acted like she did. The world is evil place. She acted like all people base on what she had learned an was taught. She rebelled and changed her family behavior her people's. In mind set she is trapped in a world which does not view a women's opinions highly.

No armor or sword used is with out it chinks.

?GMV? - Till I Collapse

Skys How will that dragon behave.

cinder_darkskys 22-07-2018 10:28 PM


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Rascal King


Jeremiah Johnson (1/7) Movie CLIP - Sure That You Can Skin Grizz? (1972) HD


Robert Plant - For What it's Worth (live) - Buffalo Springfield cover - Amazing HQ Audio 2018


Hand's back the book.

Skys PeaceLovesAll

cinder_darkskys 15-08-2018 06:51 PM


Shadow Stabbing - CAKE - Lyrics on Screen


Cake-"Jesus Wrote a Blank Check" from Motorcade of Generosity


Slippin' and Slidin' - John Lennon


Sky's :peace::Luv Heart::rose::rose::rose:

cinder_darkskys 23-08-2018 07:16 PM


Barns Courtney - Glitter & Gold


Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Scene


Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Marie Knight - You Gotta Move



cinder_darkskys 05-09-2018 12:40 PM


U2 - Elevation


TOMB RAIDER - Official Trailer #1


CAT STEVENS - Wild World 1971


Fire Down Below: I don't believe in your authority



cinder_darkskys 14-09-2018 02:34 PM

Billy Jack The Ice Cream Shop 1


Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead ( Imrael Production ) HD ?GMV?


Bruce Lee's Game of Death Original


I Don't Dance (Video) - DMX ft. MGK (Xplicit)



Verse of the Day
[ Imitating Christ’s Humility ] Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.

Philippians 2:1-2 NIV

In full here

cinder_darkskys 17-09-2018 08:24 PM


Twist and Shout - The Beatles - Legendado


Jimi Hendrix Sgt Peppers


Purple Haze (Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival) (Digital Video)



cinder_darkskys 19-09-2018 12:38 PM

Genocide of humanity. We got our own milk.

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto


Around my community ;
It been 3 years since a this pod of Orca have given a live birth. there only 80 or so. a Orca is commonly referred to as a Killer whale. With all the shipping and pollution, over fishing, the genetically grown fish. It really make's one question the competence of the leadership of the world. and it population's.


Billy Talent - Rusted From The Rain - Official Video


They can't figure out why this is happening to these majestic critter's; There not smart enough to figure out that sewage an silt from logging n mining effects health of biological life forums. The very sound from our ship's effect there behavior an ability to hunt.


Fire Down Below: Come here, boy


Now you add the toxic wast and the Nuke test.

Sky's:peace: :Luv Heart: :rose: :rose:

cinder_darkskys 10-11-2018 12:54 PM

Give Peace A Chance (1969) - Official Video


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