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filbert_art 18-09-2017 07:34 PM

Ormus Making
Hi, :)
I have seen people on youtube making ormus with dead sea salt and Milk of Magnesia, magnesium hydroxide [ Mg(OH)2 ].

Are there any chemists/pharmacists/brainy ollies on the forum, that could confirm or deny that this method will work?

I have been reading on the site www.subtleenergies.com a site with lots of info on how to make it other ways, but not this way.

The other wet ways include using lye/strong chemicals, which would burn through your skin, and I would need to get an acid /pH reading meter.

Getting the dead sea salt was no problem, but in 2013, the EU banned milk of magnesia in Europe. :mad: It is back on the shelves now, but only the flavoured version with oil of peppermint, and I can only use the original unflavoured type.

So if I want to go ahead and make it this way, I will have to get it from the US.

So, anyone with any advice, confirm or deny that this would work on the forum?

Thanks, filbert:martini:

elshaper 18-09-2017 08:32 PM


What about white powder gold called ORMES?

White powder gold and the so-called "monotomic" gold are neurotoxins that actually kill brain cells. It is a gold salt that is dissolved in water or even worse, sold as the crystalline powder itself. Products labeled as ionic gold are really gold chloride, also called Chlorauric acid or Auric chloride, a water soluble gold salt. The reason you don't see gold chloride on the label or mentioned in the ads is because gold chloride is known to be toxic to humans. Gold chloride has been known to cause Peripheral Neuropathy, serious damage to the nervous system. NEVER consume any white powder claiming to be gold.

filbert_art 18-09-2017 09:27 PM

Hi els,

Thank you for your concern in your reply. :)

I tagged this thread with monoatomic gold, so as anyone searching for monotomic will find this thread, and see that there is a milder, more cost effective way of making a similar thing that anyone could make.

I could not afford to buy or make real monoatomic gold, or white powder gold.

What I am thinking, is ormus is not as strong monoatomic gold and comes from natural sources all around us.

If i can create it with just these two ingredients, I would like to have a go at it.

I think that this liquid ormus is more about the minerals contained in it. For example Himalayan pink salt contains around 85 minerals. :peace:

Hey, anyone here know the brand of mono type gold is/was advertised on Davids main page? I would like to investigate it. I remember seeing the ad a while ago, and cannot remember the name of it.

I have tweeked the security on my P.C. that much , that I do not see any adverts anywhere. :martini:

elshaper 18-09-2017 10:23 PM

You could try this. I haven't but it is supposed to really opens you up.

filbert_art 23-09-2017 01:06 AM

I first saw the magnesia method on YT, done by 'Arkanas ormus man '.

Still seeking info on his method, I have tried to access, www.forum.alchemyforums.com , where I know it is mentioned, but Sky has blocked it, via Sky Broadband Shield. *facepalm*

Due to it being classed as a 'drugs and criminal skills' website. To unblock it, sky want me to create an account, which I do not want to do.

I shall keep trying to find the info, and if I find that this method really works, shall post the method here.


elshaper 23-09-2017 04:56 PM

Just access it via proxy. ;)

filbert_art 03-02-2018 01:35 AM

Well, I got 2 x 12 oz. bottles of Philips original unflavoured milk of magnesia via amazon, It was about £20 including shipping.

The ormus clears / settles, overnight, so I think it's possible to achieve the end result in a week.

I have just finished preparing and putting into bottles, my first batch. :)

filbert_art 03-02-2018 01:43 AM

Sky Broadband Shield
For anyone else with the SKY broadband shield problem, I found a website that lets you access sites that are barred.

Can't put my hand on the web address at the mo, but when I find it I will let you know here on this thread. :)

oz93666 03-02-2018 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by filbert_art (Post 1062960772)
Hi, :)
I have seen people on youtube making ormus with dead sea salt and Milk of Magnesia, magnesium hydroxide [ Mg(OH)2 ].

Are there any chemists/pharmacists/brainy ollies on the forum, that could confirm or deny that this method will work?

I'm your man ...extremely smart ...and I regularly post on chemistry and physics forums....

So first question ... what the hell is ormus ????

From search ...
"Ormus, often referred to as ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element or M-state element), is made from water and other substances and is also known as monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, M-state, AuM, micro clusters, and manna.

In some quarters, Ormus is called the Philosopher’s Stone. Due to their peculiar features, ORMEs have been a favorite among alternative medicine supporters and alchemists around the world. There are many myths associated with Ormus, with many believing it to be a magical element.

ORMEs have the same number of protons and electrons as their mineral counterparts that are found on the Periodic Table of elements. These are chemically identified as a separate class of substances, as is the case with halogens. They, however, have separate placements on the two-dimensional Periodic Table. Such elements are similar to silicon-type, ceramic powdery substances that appear to be isolated forming micro-cluster bits of atomic materials...."

Hmmm.. this is outside the bounds of conventional chemistry .... not clear what it exactly is .... there maybe something in it , but extreme caution is required , particularly with 'miracle cures ' ...big money , many quacks getting rich , blinding punters with fake science ...

lets have a look at a video ..... This one from 'ormus man' ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQxMye3y7do

He said he used to add lye to salt water ... but some commenters didn't like lye , so now he uses milk of magnesia ... no explanation of why , or how it works!!

there are many magic cures out there .. people do believe in them , i'm very sceptical. Without doing a lot of research , you just have to trust people like ormus guy...

So I cannot answer your question , we have no way to test for 'ormus' ... no way to know if it's in the final product , so no way of knowing which production method works ..if any!

Milk of magnesia on eBay 8 pounds inc postage to UK .

filbert_art 03-02-2018 04:55 AM

Hi oz,

I'm not sure how it works, but I am guessing that the magnesium clings to the elements in the sea salt and drags it to the bottom of the container.

The ideal ph for the process is 10.78 (I think), which would be obtainable with the lye. However you would need a ph meter or ph testing paper, and you must be careful not to exceed the 10.78 ph value.

The ph of milk of magnesia, I have researched to be 10.5.

I thought no harm in trying the M.O.M. method, but as for if it actually works as in extracting all the elements / minerals from the sea salt I don't know. That's why I asked if there are any brainy ollies on the forum. :)

I have made my ormus as per Arkansas Ormus Man.

1 cup sea salt.
1 cup milk of magnesia. (original un flavoured only)
12 cups of distilled water.

Dissolve salt in water by stirring very well with wooden spoon until no grains can be seen in the glass jar.

Added the M.O.M. diluted with some distilled water.

Stirred very well for a couple of mins.

Completely cover the jar with cooking foil. (to keep out electro magnetic frequency type stuff)

Leave to settle, away from electronic frequencies / electric appliances.

When settled, syphen off most of the water leaving about 1" of water above the ormus.

To wash :-

Top up again with distilled water, stir / mix very well.

Repeat the washing 3 times in total.


It tastes bland, like nothing.

Magnets applied to the sides of the glass jar are said to improve the process (pulling towards each other).

I added some sacred geometry to the outside of the jar too. (flower of life etc)

filbert :martini: :)

filbert_art 18-02-2018 12:22 PM

Workaround for sky broadband shield.
Hi all,

Re posts #5 and#8, the site address is www.accessify.com.

Just enter in the address bar www.accessify.com and the name of the site you wish to visit.

My internet security product tells me that accessify.com is a safe site.

I would recommend that you bookmark it for future reference, it could come in handy.

filbert :martini: :)

elpressiedente 19-02-2018 05:02 AM

Coral Calcium is Natures very own ormus.

Its made in the high pH of the stomachs of corals and excreted and becomes the 'skeleton' it lives on.

I would recommend Brazil Live Coral

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